01 January 2013


I pretty much knocked last years resolutions out of the park. Lets do a quick review for fun.

1. Refrain from using the snooze button- I had a little late December relapse, but I'm recovered, I swear.
2. Run at least 6 races- I got a little race registration happy and ended up with 12 road races and 2 obstacle course races.
3. Track what I eat and when I work out- I was diligent with this for the first half of the year and saw the results I wanted. I haven't been tracking as closely, but am thinking of doing a month redo just to refresh what I learned.
4. Knit something new- It took till November but success! I knitted my first ever dog bow tie!
5. Travel somewhere new- Lots of domestic travel to visit lots of friends, a good year.
6. Be friendlier to strangers- I struck up several New Year's related conversations today.

Ok, out with the old, in with the new! 

Honestly I'm struggling with resolutions this year. I'm pretty happy with where I am and am not sure if my resolutions are more just goals or plans, but anyway here are some things I can work on in 2013.

1. Run a marathon, specifically Marine Corps Marathon with (or a half hour behind) my oldest sister Kristen. 

only 23.1 additional miles necessary

2. Volunteer, somewhere. anywhere. Since moving to DC I haven't done anything (I know shameful). I'm thinking of seeing if I could help out the DC State Fair. I would also like to volunteer at a running race.

3. Get outside more. Including hiking/biking/and just walking around during daylight ours. I don't think I've been getting enough vitamin D the last few months, which makes me more tired and lazy and its no good.

maybe not ALL day hikes

4. Continue to make an effort to see my scattered friends in scattered places. I already have a friend's wedding on the calendar in February.

photo booths were the rage of 2012, I wonder what 2013 will bring?

5. Take my lunch to work once a week. Its not about money, its not about health, it may be a little about time, and its all about pushing myself to be creative and resourceful.

this dish was delicious, why haven't I made it again?
6. See a play at Studio Theater and or the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center is Iconic, the Studio Theater is around the block from my apartment. I was pretty good about seeing musicals and plays in NYC, I need to revive my habit in DC.

not the best show, but delightful
7. Spend a lot of time with this little kid. I'm not sure when I'm going back to Missouri this year, but I need to make sure it happens. (Apparently today she was looking for me in the bedroom I stayed in last week, I wasn't hiding from you! I'm back in DC!)


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  1. I can just send her out to you. She says she would be a great office helper.


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