02 October 2010

MetroCard holder

I mentioned the other day how at the Maker Faire they had a demonstration on how to make a MetroCard holder, but it was really more an infomercial for a set of tools (large punch, adhesive machine, laminator, etc). However I liked the idea and new it could be done with things I had in my apartment. Well this week my old holder, which I had gotten for free at this arts festival from the Whitney Museum booth approximately 3 years ago, completely came apart.

How to make your own MetroCard* holder

Supplies: Scissors, clear tape, notecard, and MetroCard to determine size. I also used my old holder as a pattern, but it isn't necessary.

You can use a piece of card stock or a post card as well.

Cut your paper to the appropriate height and fold in thirds. I made one flap a lot bigger than the other so that the grab hole (I just made that term up) wouldn't be on the two sides.

Then trace and cut out your grab hole

Then I just used clear tape to tape the sides together and put a piece across the bottom. If you have clear packing tape it might be a good idea to just cover the whole thing to protect it a little.

my MetroCard ready to go
*Same process can be used to hold any type of card


  1. Well aren't you just the crafty gal.

    I was trying to think of what I could make a holder for and all I can think of is a holder for my license and a credit card and $20 which I always tuck in my bra when I go out to mall walk. In that case, encasing the whole thing in clear packing tape is a good idea.

  2. so cute and fine cards,,,,,,,,, that was really superb designs..


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