31 March 2010

Garden Club

My Basil is still growing from last spring, maybe I should eat more? (as you can see, it enjoys hanging out with the Empire State Building)

My sunflower is still growing. The leaves are growing quite big, but it hasn't grown very tall.
Tomatoes and peppers (I'll thin them out once I see who the winners are) in my pretty birthday planter from mom.

My new friend

When my parents decide to buy a new vehicle, it takes years. In fact they are currently in process... and have been for three years. Once they have decided on one they always special order, which takes a few more months.

I have discovered I inherited this gene. No I didn't go buy a new car (keep looking at the mini cooper though), I bought a new couch.

I had various loaner and hand me down couches through college and grad school, but when I moved in to my first apartment in NYC the 280 sq. ft. just didn't allow for one. I convinced myself that I didn't need anything more than my lazy boy.

But when it wasn't just me and my lazy boy... when it was me, lazy boy, and another boy or girl things got awkward. Who gets the kitchen chair and who gets the lazy boy?

So once I moved into a large place my search began slowly. First I just thought where it would go in my place, then I looked a little more at couches in magazines and on TV, finally I started trolling the online sites.

Months later I walked in to a Macy's and sat on almost every couch there. There were two contenders, but I had to measure my space again.

I went back online for a few weeks.

Beyonce, Beyonce was going to be at Macy's Herald Square. I knew it was a long shot, but I ran down 7th Avenue to see if I could meet her. Once I got there, it was sold out, so I went all the way upstairs to visit the furniture again.

I spent an hour sitting and standing and hanging out with a couch, I draped the various fabric swatches trying to imagine what they would look like.

After a few calls to loved ones, I decided to go for it.

Called the salesman over only to find out the color/texture I picked had to be special ordered.

You can't reverse my process. I accepted the 6-8 week waiting period.

Last week it arrived!

Isn't it beautiful
I bought two scarves at H&M today and wrapped some pillows in them... I may make them into permanent pillows later on once I get pillow forms.

Happy Birthday ME

Birthday weekend included

1. A bar with a bull
2. Cupcakes galore (this one from my ole roommate Katie)
3. And plenty of pretty packages (these were so cute I had to photograph, thanks Kristen!)

1+2+3+ Fancy Mexican food + Martha's Bakery + football win vs OK + time with friends= A fabulous birthday!

Thanks everyone!

Salsa night

I went with a few friends to the Latin Quarter for salsa night. I know everyone is thinking "that Courtney is a fabulous dancer, I bet she's danced the salsa a million times" but you would be wrong. It was my first time really trying to do the actual steps (not just act like it). Luck have it this place gave lessons in a room off the main area. The lessons were pretty simple, but what I needed and soon I was 1,2,3,5,6,7 all over the place. We moved back to the main area and gave everyone a show. The crowd was a bit older and we were not lacking for invitations to dance.

They had a live band that was very good. The lead singer (see below) was lots of fun... and apparently well known as he had quite a crowd photographing him... so I joined in.

St Patty's meal

steamed cabbage... yummm
It was so good and so easy to make

15 March 2010

Hello Spring

Yesterday I was worried. When I planted my sunflower the directions said it would germinate in 3-5 days. Yesterday was 7 days. I did some Google research, I read that some people hadn't had success growing these.

Today I go to the window to open the shades and who do I see? Miss Sunflower! Success! Well success so far. I'm really getting in to this Spring thing... come on warm weather!

14 March 2010


One of my friends invited me to the Craic Fesitval opening night festivities at Tribeca Cinemas. For those not familiar with the Irish term, craic is used to describe fun, entertainment, and all around good times.

The night started with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn talking about the importance of the link between Ireland and New York City.

We then all were treated to the movie "Perrier's Bounty" a gangster movie set in Dublin. A bit graphic but enjoyable movie. Afterwards while looking up some of the actors I found that two of the main characters also appear in Harry Potter (Brendan Gleeson/Mad-Eye Moody and Jim Broadbent/Horace Slughorn), but I don't suggest taking your kids to this one.

To finish up the night we were treated to an intimate show by Mundy. I went in not knowing much about him, but the songs were instantly catchy. I had read in a short bio that day that he sang one of my favorite Irish songs, Galway Girl. Soon after he started I was singing and dancing along and at the end of the night he didn't disappoint and played Galway Girl... along with an interesting rendition of M.I.A's paper planes.

13 March 2010

Liberty of London in Midtown Manhattan

The Times Square Tower that is directly across the street from my office is always covered with several huge Target billboards. Always creative and usually enjoyable (like their take on the 12 days of Christmas) the billboards make me wonder why they don't stick a Target store in that building (possibly a little selfishly). Last week the weather finally showed some signs of spring time so I took a walk to Bryant park for lunch when I saw that the Target billboards had spread down 42nd street to 6 avenue. "What's going on here?" I asked myself (I sometimes talk to myself on the street so I fit in better with the crazies). I went over to take a peek and low and behold it was a Target pop up store devoted to the new Liberty of London line at Target. While I don't know much about Liberty of London (read the tag below for a little background), I do know I have a love for florals and springtime colors. The store was to be open Wednesday at 11 till Saturday night... I had to stop by.

Wednesday comes around and I plan a late lunch and head to the store around 1 pm. However as all good things in New York have, there was a long line to enter stretching back towards 7th avenue. I only have so much time for lunch so instead I took a stroll around the block, picked up a jamba juice and headed back to the office.

Not to be completely deterred I headed back after work. A mere 5 hours later and there was no line... but there were lots of empty shelves. Most of the houseware items were gone, mugs and bowls were completely sold out. There were bikes, chairs, rain boots, and lots of clothes. I picked up the bag below, not only does the pattern make me happy, but it is big enough to carry my shoes in when needed (like on Friday).

The line hit all stores and online today. I was just checking out the full line on target.com just now and several things are already out of stock. If you like floral patterns I definitely recommend you checking it out.

Expanding the window garden

For Christmas my Aunt Nancy gave me a Ben & Jerry's "terra fuela" sunflower kit. I had some trouble growing plants last winter so I wanted to wait till it was a little warmer to plant my seeds. I couldn't wait any longer so I got it out a few days ago and planted.... so far no action, I'm getting nervous.

The dirt is fertilized with Vermont Cow by products and Ice Cream waste! What could be better?

The container is super cute and has fooled a few people wanting ice cream.

07 March 2010

A walk around LIC

Court House Square- The sign below says the Courthouse has the largest stained glass skylight in the world and that the infamous Willie Sutton was tried there. Willie Sutton was a well dressed and well mannered bank robber that was known for his disguises.

Citibank building- tallest building in Queens

The courthouse

Some historic houses

Hoboken St. Patty's Day

Hoboken is right across the Hudson River from Manhattan. Hoboken is known for the first baseball game, home of Frank Sinatra, Cake Boss, and their St. Patrick's Day festivities. Having not yet made it to Hoboken and finally getting some pretty weather, I gathered some friends and we headed over. My many coworkers who had been to Hoboken on St. Patricks parade day (yes it is many many days before actual St. Patrick's day) and the few that live there gave me story after story of the insanity that occurs. Although we had to wait in a long line to take the bus over and another long line to take the Path back, it wasn't too crazy in between. We were told to get there by 9 am in order to get into a bar. Needless to say we didn't get to Hoboken till around 11 and had no trouble finding a corned beef and cabbage sandwich. After lunch and a few drinks we headed out to the parade. I love parades. This one did not have a lot of variety but did have group after group of kilt wearing bagpipe playing troupes. There was also a large group of army jeeps. After the parade we explored the town some more and visited a house party. Overall Hoboken is very cute (even the 7 eleven was cute). I think I could be talked in to going back.

This guy had the feeling

The last snowstorm of the season (hopefully)

Today it is almost 60 degrees, but last week this is what was going on...

At Rock Center, snow is coming down hard

The scene as I was leaving my apartment last Friday morning.