27 September 2008

Sights around town

On my way to my stepdancing class I passed by The Daily Show studio. Now that I know where it is I will have to go for a show taping.
The sight as I left work Friday evening... As if Times Square wasn't already confusing enough.
Lehman Brothers? No more. The once exciting screens on the Lehman building covered with boring Barclays Capital logos.

22 September 2008

Hiking Bear Mountain

Sunday I went with a group organized by the Central Park Conservancy to hike up Bear Mountain. We met at the North Meadow Recreation Center at 9 am. After a little delay 14 of us piled into two vans and headed out across the George Washington Bridge and up the Palisades to Bear Mountain. It was about an hour ride up a tree lined highway. The three mile hike turned into a much longer hike when I found myself in the fast group. There were some rocky and steep points and my legs are a bit sore today. Over all it was great hike with beautiful surroundings.

On the Appalachian Trail on top of Bear Mountain. Way back in the haze we could see NYC.

Sparks our fearless trail leader checking out the map

Some of the group in front of the shelter maintained by boy scouts along the Appalachian trail.
Trail marker. The lower one is the Appalachian trail marker for NY.

19 September 2008

Pattern making like the Italians

Class 2: Draping with tape and pattern making. We covered our lasts with masking tape in all different types of ways and stuck the tape to cardstock to cut out for our patterns. Below is my last covered in masking tape. I cut around the bottom. I guess next class she is going to show us how to remove the tape.

All my patterns
Left to right: Last covered in tape, Breasted sole pattern (for the bottom of the shoe), innersole pattern, sock lining pattern and in front there is the heel pattern.

17 September 2008

Shopping for shoe supplies

I have been shoe making supply shopping my way around Manhattan this week. Monday I went to Home Depot and got my staple gun, staples, mallet, and breathing masks. Tuesday I went to Lee's Art Supply store and purchased my self healing cutting mat, masking tape, and super sculpy. Today I went to Kaufman's Shoe Repair Supplies shop, which was the most fun thus far. I got tons of things not exactly sure what the names are for all of them. My favorite purchase was my lasts. My lasts' are named Elsa.

The exterior of Kaufman's wasn't too intimidating located on Lafayette north of Houston.
But the inside was! I had to stand and wait for awhile before anyone paid me any attention.
Then this guy helped me and was great! He got most of the items on my list while I found my lasts and then helped me find my heels too. I asked if I could take a picture of the store and he went to ask his boss. When he returned he said yes you can take a picture and you can also take a picture of me... so I did. He was friendlier than this picture shows.

Most of my supplies... one more store to go tomorrow.
Elsa! They didn't have used lasts any taller. They will be a bit higher with the ends of the heels put on. Tomorrow is class number 2!

15 September 2008

Lacoste is la costly

All in Stitches Embroidery took the show on the road Saturday. Teen Vogue had a promotion at the Philadelphia Lacoste. Mr. Stitch was hired to embroider monograms on $80 shirts, $110 bags and $125 sweaters.

The mice hard at work in our tight quarters in the display nook.
The event included a DJ, fashion show, and gift bags (lacoste necklace, perfume, and Teen Vogue with Zac Efron cover). The event got pretty busy but was a success!

11 September 2008

Shoemaking, etc.

I signed up for a shoemaking class to exercise the creative side of my brain. Tonight was the first class and oh my I didn't know how many tools I was going to need. A few pictures of some tools I am going to need to buy in various locals in the fashion district and east village.
the Skife Knife- for shaving leather
Awl- for general poking applications
Last- to form my shoe around. I buy it in my size and heel height that I want.
I'll try to continue documenting my venture into shoemaking.
A bike lane? Good Idea. A barrier between said bike lane and traffic? Great Idea. Plants and trees in barrier area? Fantastic Idea! Adding tables, chairs, and benches to the middle of Broadway. Weird.

08 September 2008

Lasso El Paso

I made my first trip to El Paso, Texas for the wedding of a grad school friend. I loved El Paso if maybe only because people told me I wouldn't enjoy it. Who couldn't love a yard full of raked rocks? We drove up scenic drive to the side of Franklin Mountain for a great view of El Paso and Juarez Mexico.

There was some fantastic houses up on the side of the mountain. And lots of these amazingly tall skinny trees.

Matt- Where's the border? Brock- Right there!

A beautiful bridesmaid
The Happy Couple
The wedding party and family at the end of the night.

03 September 2008

Water Balloon launcher

We were trying to hit the cows with the water balloons. I got close but we didn't hit any.

02 September 2008

Chilhowee Fair

I spent last weekend at the world famous Chilhowee Fair.

Beth and I helped the "country" side in the tug of war.... and of course we won!
Hieu winning the egg toss.
The car show.
The Hula hoop contest. I lost again this year. : ( I need to practice, practice, practice.

The first ever and currently undefeated Chilhowee eight man football team
Mom and the Home Economics Competition/Display