28 June 2009

Room with a view

As many of you experienced first hand- this was the view out the window of my old apartment...

Night view from my new apartment... upgrade? Below is the east river and the manhattan skyline. The empire state building is on the far right.

The inside of my new place isn't quite ready for its close up yet.

15 June 2009

A washer Sunday afternoon

For an early Father's day/ Beth's birthday celebration we had a BBQ and a family washers tournament. I had a great time but ended up on the ultimate losers team. The salsa made by Sue and the cake and ice cream made by Mom made me not care at all to be the worst washers player of the day.

Bouncing in or bouncing out?

tuxie and birdhouses

While painting our birdhouses for the fairs this little kitten wondered down our drive way and into my lap. She sat and watched me paint till I took a break for dinner. When I came back out she was waiting for me and crawled back into my lap. We named her Tuxedo.

My Coney Island inspired birdhouse. Beth is lounging by her fiesta birdhouse.

Tuxie seemed to like Travis as well.


Marissa loves mini golf

The Nelson
The new wing
Kendra and her friend shuttle cock

June is for weddings

Tiff and Drew emerging as newlyweds

Same scene a week later with Whitney and Travis
A storm of bubbles
Travis' just married pick-up

Take a rest on Broadway

Recently a few sections of Broadway through Times Square was shut off to vehicle traffic with hopes to ease traffic through the area and reduce sidewalk congestion. On my first trip through the area about a week ago I did notice much smoother walking conditions. And with the green lawn chairs all over the place I don't think any new yorker can claim that we are more chic in the city.

In case you hadn't yet heard

The Mizzou Alumni touch football team are the NEW YORK CITY CASUAL LOW CHAMPIONS! Here are a few pictures from our four game championship run a few weeks ago.

02 June 2009

Waiting for the bus

The past few days I've had to commute to our NJ office, which is approximately 9 miles away. However its been taking me between an hour 15 to an hour and 45 minutes to get there or get back. This makes me reflect back to high school when I had 7 miles to travel and never left more than 10 minutes before school started. I was only late once... I accidently left after my grandpa had set out on the tractor. So the past two days have involved a lot of waiting and sitting and waiting and sitting. On my way home as I was waiting for the crosstown bus I snaped a few pictures of my surroundings.

Pay what you want Fridays are now pay what you want Saturdays

I wanted to do something special on my Friday off so I went to the Gugg only to find it closing and that the "pay what you wish Friday" had just moved to Saturday. However the scaffolding that had covered the outside for my first year and a half in the city had been removed and the building was back to its original glory. Now I just have to return on a Saturday afternoon.