25 August 2013

Union Market

Sometimes when you hear about something over and over, by the time you check it out it is disappointing. But I guess I somehow maintained low expectations for Union Market. So when I biked there with my friend Catherine a few weeks ago I was really surprised and impressed. Union Market is a more hipster market than Eastern Market. There is a homegoods store, butchers, veggies, artisan sellers, and six or so counters to purchase meals. Outside the market there is an area for hanging out and a lot where they have special events.

 photo IMG_2882_zps92abcb9b.jpg

On the day we visited there was a Farm to Street festival with vendors from local food producers. I had no idea there were so many people making kombucha and cold brew coffee in the area. After lots of samples we grabbed a locally brewed beer and enjoyed some music before it started raining and we headed back in the market for some korean tacos. 

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06 August 2013

SUP with you?

I run by and walk by and drive by the Potomac several times each week, but before last month I'd never  been on the Potomac. You see the fancy boats docked at the Georgetown waterfront and think that boarding one of those will never be a possibility, but a short walk down the waterfront and you can get your own vessel for the Potomac for $20. 

I went with some coworkers right after work on a Tuesday afternoon. We just walked up, signed a waiver, surrendered an ID, picked out a life jacket and jumped on the river. I was the only one in my group that had paddle boarded before so they gave us a 30 second overview and pushed us off. Paddling with the current and mini waves was more challenging than when I SUP'd in a pond, but it wasn't hard to adjust and tool around the river.

We spent about an hour and a half on the river* before we were ready for some burgers and beer at the Georgetown legendary college bar, Tombs.

 photo IMG_2883_zpsf40376a6.jpg

*out of the five of us only one guy spent anytime IN the river.

04 August 2013

2013 Crystal City Twilighter Race Recap

Last week I hit the mean streets of Crystal City for the second year in a row for the Twilighter 5K. And for the second year in a row one of my friends stood me up for the run. Luckily I had other friends in attendance. Also for the second year in a row it wasn't a very hot race. The high for the day was somewhere in the low 80s and a few rain storms had cooled the day down. 

The race starts at 8:30 pm so our race pack included a glow stick, which Hannah had stuck on her head so I followed suit. They do race day packet pick up and it was super smooth so we had some time to sit back and people watch for a bit. Around 8:20 we got in the corral somewhere in the middle and waited for the race to start.

 photo IMG_2881_zps6fa4fd4e.jpg

About 30 seconds before the horn went off it started to sprinkle a little. By the time we crossed the start line it was raining and at about a half mile in it was all out POURING. I started thinking about what I should do if it started hailing and if there was enough ditch space if a tornado came through. But everyone kept running and the rain started calming a bit. The rain kept the race super cool, but man those road markings are slippery when wet. Around mile two the rain stopped, but I had the joy of continuing to run in soppy shoes. 

Thanks to our awesome glow headbands and neon shirts Hannah and I saw each other twice during the race. Looking for people I know is my favorite distraction in races.

I felt pretty good the entire race, but like all other night races I've participated in I got a side cramp midway through. Maybe Korean Tacos aren't the best pre-race fuel? At a about a quarter mile out I decided to try to pick off people in front of me. And.... that lasted for a tenth of a mile. I had to slow down a bit and then found strength for the final push.

I ended up with a time of 24:23, 18th in my age/sex group.

The after race "party" included a banana, granola bar, and a bud light. Oh and then a soggy ride home on the DC Metro.