31 January 2009

My love hate with winter

Wednesday morning I had to catch a Long Island Railroad train early for work. When I walked out of my apartment building it was snowing. When I arrived in Manhasset it was sleeting. It was a gross day. This winter has been very cold, but tomorrow they are calling for a high in the 40's so hopefully I'll make it to spring.

Luckily I caught that bus...

A NYC Target

A lot of the conversations I have with people living other places about New York City revolve around how ordinary life is accomplished in city. "Are there churches, how do you go grocery shopping, where do you wash your clothes, etc..." So last weekend when I went to Target in the Bronx I took some pictures. I took the cross town M79 bus to the uptown 1 train. There were several stops but soon I arrived at 225th street, just across the Harlem river into Marble Hill, Bronx, New York City, New York, USA. (Actually this area is/was part of Manhattan. In 1895 the Harlem shipping channel was created cutting this area off from Manhattan. It remains politically part of Manhattan, but the zip code and area codes correspond with the Bronx.) When I got off the train there was a stand alone Applebees, Target, and several other chain stores. I get most of my day to day necessities at Duane Reade, which is like a Walgreens, but every once in awhile I miss Target and feel like I owe it a visit.

Subway platform at 225 Street

View up the street from the platform. McDonalds on the left.

View of the Harlem River through the walkway.

Target and Marshalls... and a Parking Lot!


18 January 2009

Snowing Sunday

I woke to snow falling outside my window. Even though I've spent most my weekend wrapped up in my apartment nursing a cold I decided to go play in the snow a little before it soon turns to black mush. As soon as I stepped out of my apartment I realized that it was a beautiful and warm day, the temperature was out of the teens finally. I headed up to my favorite local park, Carl Schurz Park. I find NY on a Sunday morning is so peaceful and when you add in a fresh new snow NYC was almost silent as I walked through the snow.
The back side of Gracie Mansion in the snow.

Kids sledding on the flat basketball court.

Snow covering the walkway from 81st to the park.

17 January 2009

First Cousin Once Removed

Last weekend I got the opportunity to meet my first cousin once removed. As documented below I was a bit more excited than Maggie.
We went shopping for Maggie's first pets- black fin, goldie, and... Dave, what was the others name?

02 January 2009

Christmas and New Years

The Rock Tree:

Our tree:
Dad carving the turkey

Brother-in-law Christmas morning

Mom making pies

Brother with his stocking suprises.

Sibling love

New Years Eve Times Square at 10am
My NYE dates

Happy New Year!!!