28 September 2009

Nevermind headboard

After doing some reading about how to DIY a padded headboard I was having second thoughts. They all involved two by fours and plywood... not having any power tools or place to use power tools I started rethinking my idea. I didn't want to hang pictures over the bed, but I needed something. In come inspiration from Mom. My mom has a curtain rod in our dining room where she displays quilts (new ones as she finishes them). I thought it could work behind my bed. Presto! I think it does work. I hung up the quilt my mom made for me when I graduated from Mizzou, I think it goes well with my sheets. Next up: bed skirt.

So I tried to make empanadas

Lesson learned: Don't follow a recipe recited to you while in a bar. Adrian loves empanadas and I like to cook. So the other night I asked how to make them. His instructions seemed so easy...

The first step went well: cook rice, ground beef, onion, and tomato seasoned with goya adobo. I think the rice and meat are most important, I had onion and tomato in the fridge so in they went.

When things went wrong... instructions for dough: combine corn meal and warm water, enough so it is moist but not muddy, pat into dish sized circle, fill and close.
What actually happened: wet corn meal. So I added an egg and then after a quick internet search I added a little flour. The dough finally stuck together and I was able to make circles (or rounded squares), fill them (didn't take much), and close them. Then I threw them in the oven (healthier than frying?).

Tada! the finished product. They weren't horrible. I didn't like the crust at all, I think it was too thick and hard (may of helped if I hadn't tried to wing it). But the filling was delicious. Adrian was excited to see them and ate them just as enthusiastically. I'm determined to try again. They can only get better?

26 September 2009

Giving one of the 62 libraries a chance

A reader reminded last week that while yes the library down the block isn't open there are several other options. Growing up we did live over 10 miles from the closest public library so I should be able to deal with a subway ride, right? Well I gave it a chance I rode two stops past my normal station and got out to visit the Court Square Library (on a Monday night, the only night the library is open late). I had looked up the library online beforehand and noticed that one of it's specialties was "Home and Garden" so needless to say I was excited.

Empty display case in front of library

Entry way and almost the entire book collection.
Sadly I was unsatisfied with the selection. The Adult fiction section was almost non existent. The Children's section and non-fiction sections were a bit bigger, but apparently a specialty in a type of book just means you need about 20 books. I found one book, but decided to flip through it there (it was very clean and had nice seating area along with a few computers) instead of having to return it later. I did have a nice walk home. I guess there are 61 more libraries left to try.

20 September 2009

The elusive library

I've been reading and hearing about the new library in my neighborhood. I couldn't figure out where it was or where it was going to be. Until today when I noticed this sign on a fence I walk by all the time. "Future home of Queens Library at Hunters Point" Looks like I either need to find another library or retire my library key fob for awhile.

There's a man in the vent!

Apparently there is a guy trying to escape my building's parking garage. I kinda feel bad for him because he's been trying for awhile, but honestly he should just use the door.

hehee... Actually its just sticker art, but does call for a double take when walking by.

13 September 2009

On the wings of a dove

Today while walking around my hood we noticed pink and white balloons attache to the local Catholic church. I then noticed Doves ready for release. Our first thought was a wedding, but after a few minutes the congregation came pouring out with banners, flags, a marching band, and a statue of Mary. We gathered from the flags and signs that it was an Italian festival. Once they all came out the doves were released and they began marching through the streets of Long Island City.

I went over to take a picture of the doves and their handler insisted on pulling one out for me to take a close up picture.The doves chillin in a box before their big performance. There were four boxes of doves, the release was pretty cool. The flew around in the air for quite awhile before flying off.

What are doves other than white pigeons? Seeing the doves today reminded me of the last time I saw people handling pigeons; in Venice. The main plaza in Venice was filled with people and pigeons and of people petting, feeding, holding, and chasing pigeons... I could of stood having fewer people and a lot fewer pigeons.

12 September 2009


Somehow I convinced Adrian to go with me to Ikea a few weeks ago. We left at around 4pm and drove a few miles to the Redhook Brooklyn Ikea. As we pulled into the parking lot Adrian reads the sign "closes at 9, you only have 5 hours to shop" I laughed, but little did either of us know how true those words were. We started off in the Showroom. First up couches. I'm not sure if I have room for one... with my massive lazy-boy and all. After sitting on all of them, I found the one I wanted, the most expensive one of course. Not being able to make a decision we kept walking, but I was able to pick out a dresser.

I hadn't had a real dresser since I moved out of College Park and left their furnished apartments. I'm trying to not only be grown up but have a grown up looking apartment therefore I had to get rid of my multiple carts where I stored my clothes. By the time we made it through the showroom Adrian was hungry. Thankfully we had just made it to the Ikea cafeteria. After two orders of Swedish Meatballs we were rejuvenated enough to enter the marketplace. After my move I had several things I needed to finish out my new apartment, I picked up a few of them: A lamp to read in bed by (my garage sale find had went kaput in the move), some kitchen utensils, bag clips (i love them), a rug (my old one looked tiny in the bigger room), and a few frames.

Checkout was another adventure and once we got the goods to the car... the dresser boxes didn't quite fit. Luckily Adrian Macgyver was able to close the trunk using a handle from a shopping bag and a bobby pin. So not 5 hours later but 4 1/2 hours later we head back across the Pulaski bridge back to Long Island City. Luckily we were able to get a cart to transport the goods to my apartment but it took us, the concierge and some guy walking by to get everything to fit on the elevator.

After a long afternoon the fun day ended with two hours of assembling the dresser (the rest of the assembling waited till the next day).

Completed Dresser and new rug! Each drawer was eight pieces excluding the screws and pegs, but it was fun.I also got the frame sitting on the dresser. I haven't decided where to hang it yet.

This is the picture I framed. It is a bar in Kilarney, Ireland. Named after me! Beth and I went and enjoyed a great trad session and I tried out the new bulmers pear, both were fantastic. The next day we had breakfast at Courtney's tearoom, it was easy deciding where to eat in this town.

Here is my bed in my new apartment, and my new lamp and reading light. Having moved in to a studio apartment the bed is in my main room. I am trying to decide what to do with the space above my bed. For a while I was thinking of a vinyl wall art, and then I was thinking of a padded headboard, or maybe just lots of pillows... Any suggestions or ideas?

07 September 2009

1st annual Chilhowee 5K

After last year's fair Beth decided that the Chilhowee Fair needed a 5K. With the help of several family member's Beth pulled off the first Chilhowee Fair 5K Saturday morning. With lots of trash talk and lots of runners and walkers the 5K was a success.

On your mark- GO!!

Who is that girl with great form? Me running by the post office.

Kristen won! and some guy... Times? Guy 21 min, Kristen 25:20 min

Me and the most dedicated runners who drove several hours just to be part of this historic event.

Fair time

This last weekend I went back home for the Chilhowee Fair. As always it was a fabulous time. Our family did quite well in all the competition areas: Canning, Baking, Household Arts, Flowers, and Gardening and Crops.

Kristen brought home a blue on her hot peppers and got second place on cucumbers and other peppers.

Nancy got second with her beautifully shaped pumpkin

Yes that is a Blue Ribbon on dad's soybeans!

We all entered a birdhouse... the judging may have been a bit swayed by theme.

Potato stamped napkins. I pulled a Second place. (I am not a loser!)

There were several more ribbons... too many to count

03 September 2009

My favorite lunch spot, oh no Fashion Week

Often for lunch I stroll down to Bryant Park for a little mid day sun. In the summer it can get a bit crowded, especially when they close the lawn to set up the Fashion Week tent. I've heard this will be the last fashion week in Bryant Park. I think I'll miss seeing the tent go up twice a year, but I won't miss feeling fashionably inadequate during my lunch hour.

When I go by myself I often sit in the reading room and flip through a magazine while eating my Chipotle. Heaven.