13 September 2009

On the wings of a dove

Today while walking around my hood we noticed pink and white balloons attache to the local Catholic church. I then noticed Doves ready for release. Our first thought was a wedding, but after a few minutes the congregation came pouring out with banners, flags, a marching band, and a statue of Mary. We gathered from the flags and signs that it was an Italian festival. Once they all came out the doves were released and they began marching through the streets of Long Island City.

I went over to take a picture of the doves and their handler insisted on pulling one out for me to take a close up picture.The doves chillin in a box before their big performance. There were four boxes of doves, the release was pretty cool. The flew around in the air for quite awhile before flying off.

What are doves other than white pigeons? Seeing the doves today reminded me of the last time I saw people handling pigeons; in Venice. The main plaza in Venice was filled with people and pigeons and of people petting, feeding, holding, and chasing pigeons... I could of stood having fewer people and a lot fewer pigeons.

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