22 February 2009

Around Yorkville

Lately I've been noticing "become your dream" and fish on all types of trash in the neighborhood. From black plastic bags, to mattresses, and appliances being thrown out (as seen below). The message is positive but only lasts till the next trash truck comes by. The art/graffiti is by Spanish Harlem artist James De La Vega, who paints on buildings and draws messages in chalk on the streets and sidewalks of new york. He has a gallery in East Harlem and a store on St. Marks Place in the east village, but apparently uses the city as his main canvas.

I'll have what she's having...

Saturday I went down to the lower east side to buy concert tickets (for Robert Earl Keen!!!) and passed by Katz's Deli. I recognized the name at once so I took a picture, but didn't go inside. Now that I read up on Katz's I need to go back and have a meal. Katz's is the location of the famous scene from when Harry met Sally and has been around since 1888.

17 February 2009

Upgrade You

The first subway opened in New York City in 1904 and many of the stations look like they have been around that long. I like how each station is different and the mosaic work is always interesting. Monday I walked into my station to see new signs hanging down from the ceiling. I have mixed feelings about these new signs, they aren't turned on yet and who knows how accurately they will predict the oncoming trains, but I think I'll miss the old fashioned way to tell if trains are coming... leaning over the tracks and looking down the tunnel...

01 February 2009

Exploring my city: Bronx

The temperature reached the high 40's today so I decided to spend some time in the great outdoors. I took the 4 train north to Bedford Park Boulevard/Lehman College and then walked a few blocks to the New York Botanical Gardens. For $13 I got a ticket for the entire park and indoor areas. For $6 you could explore the grounds only. It also appeared that you could just walk in if you wanted to, but I didn't attempt. The people in the gardens were the nicest people I have encountered in New York. Everyone made eye contact and smiled. I had people asking if they could help me. The whole garden was in a happy mood. It was also very quiet. In some areas you could hear traffic and you could hear planes overhead but overall it was very peaceful. I will have to go back in the spring when all the flowers will be in bloom.

The Mertz Library

The Haupt Conservatory

Some of the natural terrain

One of the Henry Moore sculptures

A bird on a "ornamental conifer" (Nancy please identify the bird)

A waterfall in the Bronx River

Fordham University

Arthur Avenue home of the true "little Italy"

Umbertos Clam House on Arthur Avenue. This place was pumping Italian music out it. I had just read earlier in the day about how some mobster was killed in Umbertos clam house, but it turns out that it was Umbertos Clam House in Little Italy in Manhattan. I don't know if they are related.