11 September 2008

Shoemaking, etc.

I signed up for a shoemaking class to exercise the creative side of my brain. Tonight was the first class and oh my I didn't know how many tools I was going to need. A few pictures of some tools I am going to need to buy in various locals in the fashion district and east village.
the Skife Knife- for shaving leather
Awl- for general poking applications
Last- to form my shoe around. I buy it in my size and heel height that I want.
I'll try to continue documenting my venture into shoemaking.
A bike lane? Good Idea. A barrier between said bike lane and traffic? Great Idea. Plants and trees in barrier area? Fantastic Idea! Adding tables, chairs, and benches to the middle of Broadway. Weird.


  1. Wooo! Homemade Shoes!!!

  2. So now the people sitting in the benches and chairs can be hit by the vehicles to protect the bikers.

    I'm excited to see what your shoes turn out like and you will have to make more since your buying so many tools.


  3. I think the flower pots are suppose to protect the people, but now people are being hit by the bikes because they don't notice them on their way to the benches.

    Oh and definitly... never buying a pair of shoes again ;)

  4. Just be careful with those tools - they look wicked to me. Anxious to see your progress on your shoes. Saw some of this stuff when I was little and visited Grandma Cleland at the shoe factory in Warrensburg.

  5. Where are you learning to do this? My friend told me about a place that does weekend workshops in shoe making near the Bowery but I have yet to find it.

  6. The class I am taking is with Hunter College. My teacher said she also teaches at the Jewish Community Center, FIT, and some other design schools in Manhattan.

  7. Hey, I've been looking for a class for a while now, but I'm willing to try it on my own with a good book. Can you tell me where you bought your lasts?

  8. We bought our lasts at Kaufman's Shoe Repair Supplies (highlighted in my post "Shopping for shoe supplies") located at 346 Lafayette St. They have a supply of used lasts, which is what I got, but I think they also will order new ones.

  9. where can i take a class


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