31 January 2014

Call me Crafty: My magnet is growing

I think I missed one Handi-hour last year. It turned out to be the gardening one. They had little terra cotta pots to decorate and plant some small plants in and then they also had corks to make into tiny air plant vase magnets. Lucky for me I have good friends and was gifted a plant magnet that I've proudly displayed at work. Sometime over the holidays it decided to die, but I had several months of joy with that guy.

 photo IMG_1621_zpsaac8c0e0.jpg

Inspired I decided to make a few of my own for Christmas gifts. Only when I went back to Ace Hardware their summer/fall supply of air plants was dry and dead. Defeated. I had purchased an air plant earlier in the year though just because I'm a sucker for succulents. It had just been chilling in a vase so I decided to give him a new home.

I used a cork from a beer bottle someone had recently enjoyed at my apartment and glued on a spare magnet with super glue. I made a hole in the top with a knife and stuck him inside. A month later, so far so good.

 photo IMG_1620_zpsfd0ffbb3.jpg

17 January 2014

Call me Crafty: Placemats

 photo 62DCEE46-453F-4D8A-BB80-9E9F72742BCA_zpsixahz9y0.jpg

My friend Catherine and I made these placemats. We bought 3 yards of burlap from Joann's Fabric. I used a plate, remote, beer bottle, and scissors to determine the proper size (very professional and precise). I used her stencils and a giant paint pen to write EAT on them. I made sure to have newspaper underneath for bleed through and ended up doing more of a dab method than a draw method. Catherine ended up with 8 placemats and wrote "Eat" in different languages on each one, very cute.

13 January 2014


 photo 9791E94C-71D0-447B-AA5E-A7262718D68D_zpsvtcmwvfs.jpg
 photo E70EFB73-0A9D-49C6-9872-1FCC0CE40372_zpsrubvkwet.jpg

A few months ago I first got the idea of wireless headphones in my head. I saw some on a blog and got jealous. I don't mind running with headphones. I can keep my phone in my pocket or on the treadmill and the headphones mostly stay out of my way. But when I try to do cross training or weightlifting that wire really gets in my way. I'm not someone that always needs to be listening to music, but doing the NTC app workouts at the gym can be difficult when I can't hear the lady tell me what to do or I have to battle with a wire. So after a less than stellar day on Tuesday I made the split decision to see if Radio Shack sold bluetooth headphones. 

They had three different styles, but the salesman was really pushing the Quickcell headphones. He was wearing them and I asked him how much he jumped around in them and personal questions like how much he sweat (he said ALOT). They were also the cheapest option at $39 (but I see you can get them online for $29). So I went for them. 

So far I'm really happy. They are light and completely stay in place through running miles, burpees, squat jumps, push-ups, and every other workout activity I've thrown at them. I don't really notice them much when working out, but when I've worn them while just chillin' I notice the pressure a little bit. Also they don't fit as well or stay in place as well when I have my hair down (but I have a lot of hair) or when I try to put on a stocking cap or sunglasses.

The other downside I hadn't really thought about, but comes along with all bluetooth headphones (I assume) is that they need to be charged (another cord!). These say they have 5 hours of music playback or 6 hours of talking on the phone. I haven't had them die on me yet. My phone displays how much battery they have left and they use a pretty common charging cord (the same one my eReader uses and Android phones).

10 January 2014

Call me Crafty: There is an Elephant in my Window

 photo 2BEA8FE1-9CFE-4D1D-B912-1251F4E8BE66_zps02axxox2.jpg

I'm not claiming this one as my own, but I wanted to share this elephant wonder. My sister Kristen, the CraftyRunner, painted this elephant and turned him in to a plantyderm (see what I did there?) by cutting a hole in his back and a drainage hole in his belly. I threw a baby cactus inside and love him. What should I name him?

09 January 2014

A few more...

 photo 82C2B218-F24C-40C2-986D-A8D242F20AAA_zpse06cwodx.jpg

So this morning I woke up tired and thought maybe I should sleep more, which lead to why isn't that a resolution? So I thought I'd add a few more.

Sleep more during the week. I'm an all-star sleeper on the weekend, but during the week for some reason I think I only need 7 hours of sleep, but I think I'm naturally more of a 9 hour type of girl. The fact that I like a few shows that run 10-11pm and that if I work out in the morning I have to get up by 6:30 is going to make this challenging. I'm going to start by making sure I'm in bed by 11, not that I just start thinking about it at 11. Also saving longer workouts for after work or speeding up my morning routine will give me a few more minutes in bed.

Learn more about money. I'm just not that interested in investing and funds and stocks and retirement stuff. I do it, but I could do it better. I decided I'd start listening to Suze Orman's weekly podcast (baby steps right?). Any other suggestions of fun/easy/interesting resources?

08 January 2014

New Year's goals/resolutions/to-do list/ideas

 photo IMG_3647_zpsc0c2bf66.jpg

I wasn't really planning on doing a New Year's list, but my fan(s) (maybe?) have spoken (Hi Kristen) so here are a few things I hope to accomplish this year. I've broken it down into Year goals, monthly goals, and some things I'm working on for January.

First though lets reflect on last year's:
1. Run the Marine Corps Marathon with Kristen- Didn't happen, we tried to sign up, didn't get in and decided to do the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half, which then got postponed and I ended up running it alone.
2. Volunteer- SUCCESS! I helped organize the bicycle accessory contest at the DC State Fair.
3. Get outside more- I'll call this a SUCCESS, I ran outside a lot this year and dined outside whenever possible.
4. Continue to make an effort to see my scattered friends in scattered places- SUCCESS! Phoenix, Missouri x2
5. Take my lunch to work once a week- Pretty much a SUCCESS, I didn't do it every week, but some weeks I took my lunch several days.
6. See a play at Studio theater and or Kennedy Center- FAIL all though I did see the musical If/Then at the National Theater (it left for NYC, GO SEE IT!)
7. Spend time with Gretchen- I say a SUCCESS, several trips to Missouri and she made one trip to DC.

Now on to 2014!

Year goals
Blog more consistently (I need to keep my parents happy)
See something at the Studio Theater (for real this time)

Monthly goals
Craft/Sew something new
Go somewhere new
Eat somewhere new

January goals

Run at least one mile a day
Do the Nike Training Club App Get Lean Advanced Program
Organize my photos and backup them up and print some

07 January 2014

Crafting at Christmas

While I was home for Christmas as always we decided to do a project. Since I had recently learned how to arm knit I taught the rest of the family how. I got everyone started pretty quickly. My oldest sister, Kristen, picked it up right away and was the first one finished. After one false start my other sister, Beth, got going good and was done in no time. My Aunt Betty arrived late, but was a natural at casting on (from her regular knitting experience). She wasn't as much a natural at the rest of the process and restarted a few times. My mom had a few hiccups as well, but after taking a break for dinner they finished up and we all had beautiful scarves.

 photo IMG_3794_zps4e1944d3.jpg
Mom in the middle of a big tangle

 photo IMG_3795_zps54624526.jpg
Aunt Betty arm knitting

 photo IMG_3793_zpsf0f2b017.jpg
My finished product

My mom also had an idea for the place setting, which I implemented

 photo IMG_3779_zpsd0a33aac.jpg

03 January 2014

Family at Christmas

My family doesn't really like to get their picture taken. Nor do they really like to take photos. I like both so I don't know what happened with me. I tried to get some photos this Christmas because I realized both my apartment and cubicle at work was bare of anything but Gretchen photos and Kristen and I looking sweaty. 

I messed up from the start by forgetting my nice camera in DC. I was left with my iPhone. I decided to play with one of my apps with a photo timer. Gretchen, Travis, and I tested it out with balloons. From this exercise I realized that my brother is fairly photogenic and people think a yellow balloon looks like a crown.

 photo IMG_3745_zps5aabfb54.jpg
toss it Gretchen!
On Christmas Eve on a whim I convinced Gretchen to sit in this tub for a photo. The light is terrible, but she was really on board with the idea.

 photo IMG_3747_zps64b327e5.jpg

I also caught this one with my Dad, his arms block his face, which is perfect because he usually closes his eyes in photos.

 photo IMG_3753_zpse4c562b9.jpg

On Christmas morning the cows are just as much a part of the family as the rest of us as they get  Christmas first. Growing up we always had to wait for our Dad to feed the cows before he would come back home and we could open gifts. Back then it felt like an eternity (and it felt like he was going slow on purpose). These days my brother helps and I can easily still be in bed when they get back to the house at 9 am.

 photo IMG_3760_zps69f71a5c.jpg

We went over to my aunt's house for Christmas Brunch. While my sisters were cuddling in the big chair I snuck in for a sisters shot.

 photo IMG_3776_zpsaea1a14e.jpg

Further brother photogenic evidence

 photo IMG_3777_zpsb7f2e159.jpg

We played the game Heads Up for awhile, which allowed me to capture my uncle blocking his face.

 photo IMG_3761_zpse9a7b017.jpg

After we got back home and opened the rest of our presents I tried to get a group shot of all of us. My niece posed the first shot, saying that we all needed to hold hands (yes we do most of what she tells us to). She really has great ideas, if only my Dad had more than just his hand in this picture… Christmas card quality I think.

 photo IMG_3775_zps3bbe2a9c.jpg