01 October 2013

September in review

I wasn't a very good blogger in September. A few thing were going on...

I moved.
I stayed in the same apartment building, but I moved two floor downs and to the front of the building. I also added a bedroom! Now it seems to be taking me an extra 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. I think I get lost.
 photo IMG_3068_zps4ca1371d.jpg
I'm still working on decorating the new space... so much wall!
I was playing dodgeball.
Dodgeball turned out to be a lot of fun. A friend and I joined a team of strangers, who ended up being awesome. We ended the season with a rooftop party at the Vida Penthouse.

 photo IMG_2894_zps2d52c9c9.jpg
Team Peace Corps Peru

 photo IMG_2994_zps07b21d5f.jpg
Penthouse Pool!

My sister Beth came to visit.
Beth came to visit some of her friends in Baltimore, but luckily she found some time to spend with me. I took her running and eating.

 photo IMG_3011_zps918ee21c.jpg
Pizza & pizza scissors at Ghibellina 
 photo IMG_3007_zps1d77b140.jpg
cream cow for breakfast at Ted's Bulletin
 photo IMG_3013_zps76c33d93.jpg
Pacers Shake Shack Run
I had a quick trip to Missouri to see Marissa get Married.
I squeezed in a quick visit to see my family, which of course included coffee and bake goods at Old Drum.

 photo IMG_3049_zpsda4edbb5.jpg
junior year college roomies
 photo IMG_3048_zps06a921aa.jpg
Me & Sarah enjoying the beautiful evening

 photo IMG_3018_zps091d7802.jpg
Dad enjoying coffee from a john deere cup while decked out in john deere 
I painted wine glasses with friends at 918 F Street.

 photo IMG_3005_zps596a7184.jpg

I continued to work out in Franklin Park.
Every week was a great workout and full of great giveaways. If they do this again I suggest everyone attend.

 photo IMG_3054_zpsbc8bb8e7.jpg
I'm in the hot pink shirt
I watched Australian Football at the Australian Embassy.
So it isn't just like rugby after all. They play on a round field (CRAZY) and have four poles at each "end zone" looked a little like a quidditch field if you ask me.

 photo IMG_3082_zps1ce245b0.jpg

I coordinated the DC State Fair Bike Accessory contest.
It was a lot of emailing and worrying, but it all worked out perfectly. I also entered a dog bow tie in the DC flag knitting contest.
 photo IMG_3079_zps424b9141.jpg
The winning entry and my three judges
 photo IMG_3059_zps7615c739.jpg
I didn't have any DC red, but you get the idea...
I also did a fair amount of running... this Sunday Kristen and I are running the Woodrow Wilson Bridge 1/2 Marathon.


  1. YEAH! I made a blog entry! It was lovely (as usual) to see you!!!

  2. Nice job on the picture hanging. You are much further along than me, I need someone to teach me how to use a hammer.
    Thanks for taking me running and eating.

  3. I like your photo wall.


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