10 October 2013

Fall has arrived

Hello all! Day 8 of the shutdown and I'm now blogging in real time. Its the small victories. 
Monday and Tuesday night brought beautiful sunsets to DC. Monday night I watched the sun set from an illegal spot on the mall while running a few miles. I rarely run with my phone so I didn't take photos, only to remember after the sun set that I did have my phone on me. So just imagine beautiful colors behind the Lincoln and Washington memorials. 

To help you out, I took these photos out my bedroom window on Tuesday night. The sunsets and view alone made my move worth it.

 photo IMG_3180_zps8b62857a.jpg
I'm not sure the order of these photos

 photo IMG_3181_zps942273a5.jpg
see the National Cathedral in the way back?

 photo IMG_3183_zpsc3b5659a.jpg
there's a tree across the street!

After temperatures in the 90s all weekend this week has been in the 60s. So I made chili. I threw in a can of hot green chilies, which really added a delicious punch.

 photo IMG_3186_zps88c5c106.jpg
maybe I should have fewer chips with my chili?
Not only is the shutdown impacting my work life, but also my social life. Remember Handi-hour? Well it is put on by the friendly folks of the Smithsonian so it was canceled this week. The theme was book crafts, which I attempted a little on my own, but my fellow Handi-hour enthusiasts decided to throw one of our own. Instead of book crafts we did pumpkin carving, but kept the craft beer element and upped the ante on delicious snacks.

Thank goodness for the shutdown, because I was able to research some fun ideas on pinterest. I also picked up an amazing carving kit at Target, which helped a lot with carving detail without accidentally cutting a big chuck out of my pumpkin. 

 photo IMG_3189_zpsa705a1a2.jpg
my jack-o-lantern family

 photo IMG_3194_zps45a725f9.jpg
some of the other creations

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  1. You do have fantastic views from your apartment, I'm glad your spending all your free time so fully! Great pumpkin!


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