16 October 2013


After seeing some terrariums for sale at a few places for like $60 my friend Jenn and I decided to make our own. I've honestly been wanting to make a terrarium for years, but I always am stumped about some of the supplies. Mainly the activated charcoal. But with Jenn signed on to create I was motivated (and I had some free furlough time). Jenn sent me some links to terrarium kits and then I was even more motivated to find all of the supplies. 

I went to my local Ace, Logan Hardware (where I have gone approximately once a day during furlough) to inquire about activated charcoal. They didn't have it, but suggested I check out a pet supply store as activated charcoal also goes in aquariums. 

So with a trip to Petco we picked up the activated charcoal and rocks. I had dirt hanging around my apartment (don't we all) and we picked up a few succulents at the hardware store. I also bought my half gallon mason jar at Logan.

 photo IMG_3209_zpse1b601fd.jpg

The actual assembly went pretty fast. We put a layer of rocks first, then the charcoal, then dirt, and finally plants. I decorated with some shells and Jenn decorated with some pretty colorful rocks. 

 photo IMG_3208_zpsb9565688.jpg

Some directions I read recommended using a paintbrush to clean dirt off our plants. We made fun of the directions until we were upset our plants were dirty and I went a grabbed a paint brush.

 photo IMG_3214_zps6c5f4eff.jpg

So far my little ecosystem is thriving.

 photo IMG_3215_zpscc87ce1a.jpg


  1. looks great, sorry you have to go back to work now.

  2. I made terrariums in the early 1970's. The one I gave my Mom and Dad lasted many years. MOM


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