08 October 2013

Teaching Gretchen the city life

This past weekend my sister Kristen and my niece Gretchen came to visit. I took the opportunity to teach Gretchen about city living. Lessons learned:

When riding the Dinosaur train (Metro) you should always hold on, stand to the right on the magic stairs, and saying abracadabra when swiping your card assures success.

 photo IMG_3126_zps5d129b5b.jpg

Apartments may be small, but there are great playgrounds right around the corner (and taking the elevator down to get there is almost just as fun).

 photo IMG_3132_zps24ee9b5d.jpg

Cities have great food (and milkshakes) within walking distance.

 photo IMG_3163_zps3294c158.jpg

You have to walk a lot.

 photo IMG_3164_zps3b8b22f5.jpg

There is always time for coloring,

 photo IMG_3131_zps9a540fa3.jpg


 photo IMG_3147_zps4182de9b.jpg

and sports.

 photo IMG_3165_zps1c846735.jpg

And when you get caught in a torrential rain storm, stop and eat tacos.

 photo IMG_3176_zpsdc3ba89d.jpg


  1. We had a great time! Gretchen looks cute in all pics but especially cute in that first pic and I like the one with her on your back.

  2. Glad you got to teach Gretchen a few life lessons about city living. Now, who enjoyed it more - you or Gretchen?


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