30 May 2008

Chilling with the rich and famous

Wednesday night after eating at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park with Carrie we headed up third avenue to find this hardware store the creepy guy at Home Depot advised Carrie to check out. The hardware store didn't have what she was looking for, but we had passed the "Rodeo Bar" on the way and decided to check it out. We got a spot at the bar and just chilled. The decor was country but the juke box and the crowd didn't exactly have the same feel (we were after all still in NYC). I had my back to the door and telling a story when Carrie interrupts me with "that's Keanu Reeves"..... noooooo way!!!!! It was. He apparently knew the people in the band that was playing that night and sat in the opposite room right in front of us. Soon the bar was buzzing with excitement that Keanu was there. I timed a bathroom visit so I got to walk right by him. I timed wrong and didn't catch him in the stairwell, but oh well! I can confirm he is a smoker, he likes ribs, and he plays drums with his silverware. The band however was really weird- rockabilly. My proof of the evening, however blurry, grainy, and distant, is below... I did have to remain cool and discreet ; )

On Thursday I strolled down 5th avenue after work. After a little shopping I continued on towards home only to find the Giants Football team going into Tiffany's to receive their Super Bowl rings. Below is further evidence that I shouldn't quit my job and join the paparazzi. What can I say those football players are quick!

Today while getting ready for work I heard the folks on Good Morning America telling me that Usher was going to be performing in Bryant Park. I altered my morning commute a tad bit to walk by the park and stop and enjoy some of Usher's amazing moves. Usher is the man in white with his arms raised.

Also while walking to work this morning I had to rush across first avenue as the sirens sounding of approaching fire trucks and police cars... I didn't think much of it, because honestly there are always sirens going off, but when I got to work I saw the news alert that another crane had collapsed. This crane is much closer to my apartment. I could see the cranes picking up the damage from 79th street and first tonight as I walked home. One crane= fluke, two cranes=starting to worry, but they are hard to avoid.

Training in Seacacus

I had two days of training in Seacacus, NJ. This is the view from my hotel room. See the tallest spike on the right hand side of the photo? That is the Empire State Building.

Westport and Fairfield Beach

Here are the last of my CT pictures. I drove down Turkey Hill Road in Westport, CT where Martha Stewart previously had a home. I walked around the main street area and drove around. Most of the roads were hilly and windy and narrow. Everytime I missed a turn I had a hard time turning around so after awhile I just kept driving and found that I soon ran into somewhere else to go.

In Fairfield I went downtown and bought a book then headed to the beach. It was a bit cool but there were still quite a few people sunbathing on the beach. I sat and read and watched a guy practice his kite boarding.

26 May 2008

SoNo and Stew Leonard's

Bulldog Bar and Grill in South Norwalk- I had fish and chips for lunch.

I went to Stew Leonard's the "world's largest dairy store as seen in ripley's believe it or not" I had cheese samples and ice cream it was all very good. What I liked most was their mascot a boy milking a cow. So I bought a reusable grocery bag that had them on it. The store had animatronic animals inside as well.
They boxed milk right in the store!!!!
Outside there were REAL KANSAS RANCHERS... REAL COWBOYS they were from Manhattan, Kansas... it made me laugh.

Stamford, Darien and Royertown

My tour continued along the Merritt Parkway to Stamford "the city that works" Stamford was indeed the city that works and was larger, dirtier, and I tried to leave as soon as I could, but thought I should give it a chance first, but as I could not find any of the places I was looking for I started driving out of town on highway 1 towards Darien.

Some where outside of Stamford I turned off the main road and accidentally drove through some private neighborhoods, but in the process saw some great houses and some magnificent scenery. This boat was being moved to the water.

Boats in a marina

As I drove on through what I think was Royertown I ended up in a cute little neighborhood with great views.

And great houses.

24 May 2008

Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich, CT only a mere 30 miles away from my apartment was the first stop on my tour de southwest Connecticut. I parked on Greenwich Avenue and walked around. The stores on the peaceful tree lined street were the same you find walking down 5th avenue in manhattan.

Typical CT outfits:

Even the stop sign has it's own picket fence.
I was too early to tour Putnam Cottage

A typical mansion in the area... huge surrounded by a large fence and lots of trees.In Babcock Preserve. I took a short walk down the trail

Next Stop Stamford, Darien and Royertown...

22 May 2008

Fleet Week and a walk on the west side

Fleet Week- "Thousands of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen from U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard ships will be in town for Fleet Week New York.
Hosted nearly every year since 1984, Fleet Week New York is the City's celebration of the sea services. This annual event also provides an opportunity for the citizens of New York City and the surrounding Tri-State area to meet Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, as well as witness first hand the latest capabilities of today's Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Team.
Fleet Week includes dozens of military demonstrations and displays throughout the week, as well as public visitation of many of the participating ships."
The episode of Sex in the City during fleet week keeps coming to mind. I had my first sight of sailors today when I went with a group of coworkers to have "KP" (kosher pizza) for lunch. Then when I left work there were sailors and marines all around times square. I decided to walk over to the west side to see a ship and I saw the below ship-
and some more sailors...
Then I decided to keep walking up the westside. For awhile I was walking through some construction areas, but then I came out at a beautifully recently redone boardwalk along the Hudson.

And then I saw this monstrosity and thought to myself, "why didn't they clean that up" and then I saw the plaque, which said "New York Central Railroad 69th St. Transfer Bridge has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 2003" So yeah... that is a national landmark dumped in the Hudson River.

18 May 2008

The Whitney Museum of American Art

Today turned out to be another icky rainy day. I haven't been to a museum in awhile so I decided to check out one in my neighborhood. The Whitney Museum of American Art is located on Madison Avenue at 75th street. The museum was founded by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney when none of the art museums of the time would accept her pieces of art. The museum has a large collection of Edward Hopper (who I really like), some Roy Lichtenstien, and other big names but they were confined to one floor showcasing the "Whitney" collection. The rest of the museum was dedicated to the Biennial exhibit, which was all installation pieces. Some were quite odd. One was a chicken shack which you went inside and could watch on several TVs these women with really long hair taking care of goats and "milking" their hair for a special elixir. One of the worst was a black vinyl tarp that was at least 50 feet by 50 feet that had like tentacles coming out of it. Although interesting I don't think it was worth its cost and don't recommend it unless you have tons of spare time.

11 May 2008

Conservatory Garden

As promised I remembered to return to the Conservatory Garden in Spring. You may remember the pictures I posted after finding the garden sometime in January or February.

A wedding party was taking pictures and I overheard that the wedding was also going to be in the garden.

Four Seasons

Saturday morning I went to Central Park for some excercise and to use my new camera some more. As I was taking pictures I realized that I was taking some of the same things, but in their spring splendor. So now that I have been in New York for four seasons I won't have any reason to take anymore Central Park pictures.... but that doesn't mean I won't ; )
Bridge and underpass in the ramble along side the lake

At the south side of the Mall
Flowers at the south side of the mall
By the lake
The Bow bridge
The Mall

Who knew?
This is in the woods and wildflower section that is in the north part of the park around the 100's I think. There are paths through here and signs saying that this area is one of the best areas in the northeast to go birdwatching. I indeed saw a few birds and as I couldn't see any buildings from this point I really didn't feel like I was in the middle of Manhattan.
A trail in the woods.