11 May 2008

Four Seasons

Saturday morning I went to Central Park for some excercise and to use my new camera some more. As I was taking pictures I realized that I was taking some of the same things, but in their spring splendor. So now that I have been in New York for four seasons I won't have any reason to take anymore Central Park pictures.... but that doesn't mean I won't ; )
Bridge and underpass in the ramble along side the lake

At the south side of the Mall
Flowers at the south side of the mall
By the lake
The Bow bridge
The Mall

Who knew?
This is in the woods and wildflower section that is in the north part of the park around the 100's I think. There are paths through here and signs saying that this area is one of the best areas in the northeast to go birdwatching. I indeed saw a few birds and as I couldn't see any buildings from this point I really didn't feel like I was in the middle of Manhattan.
A trail in the woods.

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