21 March 2009

The moving crew in NYC

The crew right off the train from NJ. Ready to head uptown on their first subway ride.

While waiting for the crew to meet me at Rock center (they got lost and wandered onto a shooting of a movie) I noticed that they still have ice skating... in mid march! Also if you look closely there is a leprochaun skating bottom middle (it was St. Patrick's Day).
View from the Top of the Rock. The Chrysler building is on the far left and the Empire State Building in green on the far right.

View straight down Manhattan Island

Travis and I enjoying the view.

16 March 2009

Long Island St. Patty's parade

This is how Long Island celebrates St. Patricks Day...

Official Dog mascot of the parade

St. Patrick himself!!!

So many kilts~

Joe's mom handing out shots


Green Bagels, yummm

Filling up the jello tray

09 March 2009

The sun actually shines in New Orleans

Last weekend I left the cold wintery north and went to New Orleans to celebrate the marriage of my two friends Shannon and Tommy. The weekend was amazing and warm and I arrived back in New York exhausted......... Some highlights below
Dancing through the French Quarter during the second line parade

Tommy and Shannon leading the parade

Before the ceremony in Jackson Square

Getting ready at the hotel

The Mississippi River from the steamboat Natchez

Bush school reunion... ready to board the Natchez

yummmm I love beignets

Powder sugary goodness

I tried to eat all my Gumbo, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish off these tasty bites

01 March 2009

A Texan and Missourian celebrate Texas Independence Day in New York

Our day started with a walk around the Upper West Side and then we headed to Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. Our first stop was lunch and we ducked into the first restaurant we saw after exiting the subway, Fornino. Fornino serves "artisinal" pizza. I had the "Al Roker" which had caramelized onions, peppers, and some type of thin meat, it was delicious. Matt had the margherita classica. Since it was brunch time they also gave us free Mimosas! From lunch we walked down Bedford Ave looking in several of the little shops including the Bedford Cheese Shop and Mini Market after looking in several other stores we walked over the the Brooklyn Brewery we didn't go on the tour, but we each enjoyed a glass of Weisse. The brewery had a party atmosphere, I will have to go back and go on the tour.

Me enjoying the Brewery

Matt having a good time Brooklyn style.
After the brewery we headed back to my apartment to rest for awhile and to change into our Texas gear. After slipping on my cowgirl boots and snapping up my pearl snaps we jumped on the M31 and headed to Terminal 5 for the 1st Annual Texas Independence Day Concert. First up Ray Wylie Hubbard...
"and then we ahem well Snake Farmed"
Next up Charlie Robison...

"I'll see you around, round my hometown"

eh then fun killers, Cross Canadian Ragweed...

"we like jam music"

The final act of the night-
Robert Earl Keen!
"Sherry was a waitress at the only joint in town..."

Afterwards, thanks to the Texas A&M Former Students organization, Matt and I got to "Meet and Greet" with Robert Keen himself. I was a bit lost for words, but Matt got some good conversation in despite the other four annoying Texans we had to share our time with.

This morning we finished off a great weekend by having breakfast at the Lexington Candy Shop It started us by sitting at a dirty table and not getting noticed, but after we decided to move to the counter things improved significantly. The two ladies that were working the service were upfront and funny. I had cinnamon raisin french toast with pure maple syrup and a coffee, Matt had eggs, bacon, toast and a coke (made from syrup and soda water). We split a doughnut for an appetizer. The food was great (although I am now riding a sugar high) and the ambiance was better. I plan to go back to get a hand dipped malt shake and maybe a freshly squeezed orange juice, or lemonade....