28 November 2007

Bryant Park for Christmas

The Bryant Park Christmas Tree
Ice Skating on the Pond at Bryant Park

25 November 2007


Making the Pumpkin Pie with monkey bread in the fore ground
Jack carving the turkey
Making Reindeer
The Reindeer, mine is on the left
Morgan, the pie eating pup

The Philly Cheesesteak showdown


Although it was a close call Geno's Cheesesteaks won

18 November 2007

Fall in NY

Fall leaves in Central Park, Dustin and I played softball in the park and then went for coffee
Me and Mr. Penguin drinking a Gingerbread Latte in the Upper East Side (notice my new LL Bean jacket)

GhostTown 2

I was just whatching CBS Sunday Morning (my favorite show) and they were talking about a movie set caterer and they just happened to highlight the meal he was making for the set of GhostTown (the film that was being shot by my building). So now i know Greg Kinear is in the film. And they ate good food while filming (I should of stopped by).

Training in McLean

So that is NY we were doing hand signals for EY and NY
Keith and Rob... coworkers

Dinner in McLean

Amanda and I
Brock, Becca, and Lily
Amanda, Brock, Becca, Lily, Jay and his wife all met me for dinner at Maggianos while I was in McLean, VA for training. It was a good time and a whole lot of food.

09 November 2007

Two of the coolest Transfer Pricers

Two of my coworkers, Wade and Robert, at TP 101 training

Baby Shower

Afgahn from Beth

Dave, Sarah, and Pinky Pie

Decorated table (nice work Leah)
Quilt from Mom
Who knitted that? oh yeah me
Corporate onesies by Kristen

We pulled it off, they were suprised.

Happy Birthday Gorgeous

Luckily we had the chance to celebrate Nancy's birthday over the weekend. I won't say how old she turned, but you may be able to read the candles...


Jack the WaterMan

Matthew and team getting ready to go out for the coin toss

Friel watching the defense do their work

Some crazy fans!!!

The morning was windy and rainy, but it cleared up for a nice afternoon of football in Virginia. Matthew played a strong offensive line, but the Bulls lost.

04 November 2007


When Marissa was visiting we all went to see a taping of the Montel show. It looks like it will be airing tomorrow, so if you have time tune it in. We were sitting in the second row and should have quite a bit of air time. I am wearing red... Look for it.

02 November 2007

Ghost Town

Semi parked on E 78th getting ready for filming tomorrow

Of Ghost town. dnt dnt dnnnn


What better a night than Halloween to be caught in an angry mob? I wandered down near the Halloween parade route on my way home and while turning a corner the sidewalk traffic got a little crazy and people started pushing from behind and I couldn't go anywhere forward. For about five minutes I couldn't move on my own and was pushed every way and people were yelling at each other, it was pretty horrible. The one funny part was this crazy lady that came up and started trying to bulldoze her way through and she started yelling "subway, subway, I'm trying to get to the subway, subway, subway, subway" it was funny and when someone pointed out that we were all trying to move toward the subway she said "I don't think they know I want to go to the subway, subway, subway, subway,subway" So funny, but crazy.
Is this a bum dressed up for halloween? Or a halloweener dressed as a bum?

No I didn't carve this pumpkin nor does it look like it took very long, but did it make my night? Yes.

How to tell your brother loves you

I received this fabulous envelope in the mail from my loving brother the other day, and Runts were inside!!! I was so pumped and let me tell you the runts didn't make it through the night. : ) Why don't they have runts in Manhattan?