26 August 2007

The MET and Tour

Friday my "counseling chain" went after work to the top of the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) for Happy Hour. The MET is on the edge of Central Park and you can see a lot of the city from the roof. If it hadn't been a humid and hazy day it would have been fabulous but it was a nice after work experience anyway. Afterwords I went with three of my coworkers to dinner at Dos Cominos a mexican restaurant off of third. It was really good with excellent guacomole and fantastic farmer's market quesadillas. It was a good night, we took taxis to all those places and I didn't have to pay for a thing! Saturday I went with a friend I met at work on the "Sex in the City" TV show tour. We went around in a tour bus highlighting places they went on the show. They showed clips from the show on the bus of the places that we had just saw. We got off at three different points, the stoop in front of Carrie Bradshaw's apartment, got cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery, and cosmopolitans from Oneils Speakeasy (the bar that was used for Steve and Aiden's bar). Then we went to Vinyl for dinner I had been wanting to go their for awhile. Our table was a mosaic of a smurf and they had three bathroom choices-- Madonna, Beyonce, and The Beatles. I used Beyonce and on the wall was a life size mosiac of Beyonce, Beyonce music was playing, and there was a shadowbox with a Beyonce barbie and cut out in it...fabulous! Today I went on a hunt for frozen shredded potatoes, something you can't buy in Manhattan apparently... didn't find any, but I did go to Trader Joes for the first time... not as great as all the hype. I passed a ton of NYU students moving in to their dorms made me miss moving into the dorms for a second, but then I remembered I live in a place double the size of a dorm room and I have my own bathroom, ha.

19 August 2007

Bourne, Curtains, and Queens

Friday I went with a friend to see Bourne Ultimatium I just wanted to mention this, b/c half the movie takes place in New York, which was cool now that I knew where they were the whole time. At one part they go to a building at 415 E 71st Street that would be if it exsisted in my neighorborhood but I went by today and it isn't there. Saturday I met up with my friend Matt from Texas and we walked around the villages and then met up with his friend and went to dinner at Bar Americain a Bobby Flay restaurant, it was pretty good I had duck. Then we went and say Curtains on Broadway starring David Hyde Pierce. It was pretty good, it is a musical comedy... a musical inside a mystery. It also starred Debra Monk who was George's mom on Grey's Anatomy. The dancing and singing and plot was pretty good, the jokes weren't too great. Today I went to Queens in search of a Peruvian festival in honor of Beth, but I never found it... now I think I wasn't close (I just saw footage on tv of it) I instead found Shea Stadium, Arthur Ashe Stadium, and soccer. I was pretty much the only non hispanic/latino person there and people were staring at me when I was speaking English on the phone and I was asked if I was lost. But it was fun the soccer players were really good and I got to practice my spanish and ate some carne asada con arroz y ensalada. yummm, but it started raining and since it is only 68 today I headed home.

My A-P-T

I heard some people were interested in the huge palace I am living in well here is a little peek. I just finished decorating this week with the "bed skirt" I sewed from fabric I bought in the garmet district from a store right out of "Project Runway"

11 August 2007


I went to Harlem today, it was interesting... Different from my area of town, but it was nice and I only got called Vanilla once :) I stumbled upon a little music performance outside the Faison Firehouse Theater. At first it was this jazz band but then "P Star" came out and performed. She was pretty young and rapped and had five back up dancers that were pretty amazing. After PStar a woman recited some poetry. I walked from there to Grant's Tomb, which was very grand and impressive. On my way back across the island to the subway I walked past a church festival and a lady asks if I want some food, well I was hungry and I thought it was to buy so I was like sure. Well it was free food for the church festival people so I was going to slip out the other side of the parking lot, but the lady had followed me and took me to the line and walked with me through the line to make sure I got my hotdog, rice, fries, and pop. So I sat and ate it and listened to the gospel music and watched everyone playing games, getting their faces painted, and staring at me (I really stood out). I also walked by the Apollo theater it wasn't as big as I expected. On 125th street you could get the cheapest anything you wanted and there were tons of street vendors (Even some garage sale like vendors on the street).

10 August 2007

12 hour days

This last week I was given tons of work and worked 12 hour days on Tues, Wed, and Thurs... I don't know if I am ready for the "real" world! The work was interesting however and I did get some fun time. Tuesday during my lunch I went down to Macy's to gawk and Sarah Jessica Parker, but the gaurds were not letting anyone get close at all unless you spent $138 on perfume. Thursday E&Y had a carnival, it was at the Rockefeller Cafe area (where they have the ice skating) we had the whole area and had fancy food and carnival food (snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy), carnival games (basketball shoot, knock the cans down, ring toss...), drinks, prizes, cracker jacks, and a dj... It was fun, I won a yoyo! Today our interns left so we had cake and champagne to see them off!! Oh and I didn't even know it was storming on Tuesday, but ended up walking the entire way to work because the subways were flooded. It really wasn't that bad it took me an hour, but it was super humid.

06 August 2007

Royals vs Yankees

I went into the Bronx for my first time Sunday and went to a Royals game at Yankee stadium :) The Yankees won, the Royals must of hit into four or more double plays... It was fun anyway and my seat was so bad I was in the shade! The new stadium was going up right next door. I also got a mattress and a dish drying rack that is amazingly small (b/c my countertop space is also amazingly small).

01 August 2007

It's getting crazy

The last week and a half has been really busy. Mom, dad, and Travis arrived last Tuesday right after work and we began moving me in. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I will get in trouble if I don't mention that mom made eight trips up and down, but Travis and I made maybe 40 trips... Dad conveniently found other things to do and made maybe three trips. After getting everything up the rest of trip was good. While I was at work they took tours of the city. We went to Chicago the musical staring Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, it was pretty good, but mom thought they slowed the dancing down for Lisa. Thursday I had to go to a work welcome/good bye happy hour but the parents were exhausted so they rested. We met for dinner at a yummy bbq place near my apt and then went to get frozen yogurt from the new craze- pinkberry- I don't really care for the yogurt but the fruit they put on it is amazing. Friday after work I took the New Jersey Train to Trenton where Nancy picked me up. I read Harry Potter on the train and while I waited so time flew by. Mom, Dad, and Travis had driven down earlier and met Sue at the house. Jack, Leah, and Matthew drow up and on Saturday we just ate (yummy food), hung out, and had a crazy game of water volleyball (where the old people cheated for a win). On Sunday night I took the train back to the city and started unpacking. I am still not done, I think it will take a few more days and I need to buy some more shelves. Today after work I went to a special screening of the movie Hairspray the sing-a-long version. It was pretty cool two of the stars, Elijah Kelley (Seaweed) and Nikki Blonsky (Tracey) were there and sang a little. The movie was very good I highly recommend it, but I didn't really sing during it. Oh and I also stopped by the Good Morning America Sugarland concert in Bryant Park on my way to work... there wasn't very many people there.