08 July 2012

In and around Bozeman, Montana

My good friend Matt is spending a few weeks in Montana this summer. He invited all of us to go visit and I waffled over the decision for awhile, but as July 4th approached I was in need of a little getaway so I took him up on his offer.

Turns out Montana is pretty gorgeous and I took a lot of pictures. Bozeman is also full of athletic/attractive people and we took to follow their lead and my trip was full of bicycling, running, hiking, some yoga along with enjoying some local brews.

First I'll share some photos in and around Bozeman.

when I arrived Matt had a beard... sadly it didn't last through the next day

we hiked up Peets hill, which is in Bozeman 

on top

the Montana State "M"

pizza at the farmer's market

Walt Whitman on the Montana State campus

macaroni at Montana State


wild joe's coffeespot


checking out the train tracks


testing beer at the Bozone Brewery

moscow mule at Bozeman Ale Works

eating Huckleberry ice-cream

music on main

bouldering at Glen Lake Park


  1. it looks beautiful out there!


  2. Does look like a great place for outdoor exercise.

  3. Bozeman looks like a lot of fun. If you have the resources and the time you should never waffle over the decision to travel. Even if it ends up taking a lot longer than planned to get home.

  4. I agree with Beth, never pass up an offer to travel. And you got to try a new ice cream flavor.


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