10 July 2012

Hyalite Canyon

A few miles outside of Bozeman is Hyalite Canyon. We drove up and did a few hikes. The area was beautiful and thankfully we didn't run into any bears or moose (the locals said the moose are meaner than the bears).

Matt reflecting at Hyalite Reservoir

the water was very clear and chilly

We drove up the mountain from the reservoir and had a lot of good views along the way.

The first hike we did was up to the Grotto, which was along a river and through the river at one point (which was awesome).

I look slightly pained here... I think the sun was bright

the Grotto


The second hike we did was to Crescent Lake. Crescent Lake was a little lackluster, but the hike took us around a good chunk of the reservoir too.

this picture just doesn't look real

Crescent lake...

on the trail... getting warm

vintage style


  1. I could look at sights like these every day. I love the peacefulness of these settings. Looks like a good time.

  2. Looks like a good place for some reflection.


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