15 July 2012

biker * barre

Last week I signed up for a free class through Lululemon Logan Circle at the new cycling and barre studio, biker * barre. The studio is located about two blocks south of the Eastern Market metro station.

The space was pretty cool. It has a bit of an industrial/hollywood mix. 

Lately I've been taking all my spin classes at the YMCA, so going to a place with bikes that didn't wobble was pretty awesome. A towel was waiting for me on my bike.

The style of the class was a lot different than I have taken in the past. The instructor spent more time off of the bike dancing instructions instead of pedaling along with us. This was ok with me, it kept me distracted from the sweat rolling down my face and the resistance on the bike.

At the end of the class she handed out cold, wet, rosemary scented towels. These were very lovely. I wish I was handed one after every workout. Then on the way out we were handed a mimosa.

It was nice to be pampered even when sweating.

Then a few days later I received a thank you in the mail!

Check it out if you live near Eastern Market!


  1. oh goodness that sounds like heaven! have you tried the barre classes? my SIL has been doing barre classes and says that it is an awesome workout.


    1. I haven't tried a barre class yet, but I am very curious about it....

  2. A postcard in the mail, they really know how to hook you!

  3. I've heard great things about this place, and I LOVE spinning. We should take a class together!


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