17 July 2012

Window Gardening: Major growth

I haven't given a window gardening update in awhile, but all the sudden some of my plants are going crazy, so I thought I would share.

I've had this cactus plant for about 18 months (like babies plants age in months till they are two). It had a red bud on top till about two months ago, when all of a sudden it shriveled up and hardened. So I plucked it off. Soon after this sprout came out the side and ballooned. It kind of looks like some more might come out and play, we'll see.

cactus action

I recently bought a succulent and rosemary plant to keep the cactus company.

we're better together

Before I bought the succulent I put a basil plant in one of my little pots, but it couldn't get enough water and every night would look at me with sad droopy leaves. So I transplanted it to my big planter and it started growing like crazy. I've even used a few of the leaves for dinner.

room to breathe


  1. Have you marked the heights on your wall every month to see the progress?

    1. Not yet! Their growth patterns are kind of unpredictable.

  2. I'm impressed with your window gardening skills. I kill every plant I ever try to raise.

  3. way to apartment garden, you have way less weeds than me.


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