24 July 2012

Boot camp- waking up is hard to do

Back in May I was talked in to buying a Living Social deal for a month of unlimited bootcamp by some friends who I'm running the Tough Mudder with. I love the idea of the bootcamp as we all need to work on our upper body strength, but it starts at 5:45 am.

So I've been getting up at 5 am the last few weeks and either 1. throwing on clothes and catching the 5:11 bus or 2. getting dressed and catching a 5:20 ride from a friend.

The bootcamp is at Carter Barron an area in the Rock Creek Park, when we arrive around 5:30 the sun is still on its way up.

Everyone brings a mat, dumbbells, and water (I also bring a towel, because I'm a sweatasaurus). 

Then as the sun rises we start to the tune of "Ah One, Two, Three (ONE) Ah One, Two, Three (TWO), Ah One, Two, Three (THREE)"

Mondays and Fridays are lower body & core, Tuesdays and Thursdays are upper body & core, and Wednesday is cardio. Its been a good workout and after two weeks I can tell my arms are a lot stronger. Today I picked up some 8 lb dumbbells, lets see if I'm courageous enough to take them to class tomorrow.

I have two more weeks left and even though I love the class, I'm not sure I can sign on for unlimited 5 am wake up calls.


  1. WHAT!!!!!!! mom

  2. 5 am? Everyday? Yuck! I'm a little worried about your competition level at the Chilhowee 5k. You need a shirt that says Sweatasaurus.

  3. Go big or go home. Your speed is what is keeping me motivated.

  4. Back to the Sweatasaurus t-shirt. I think I saw one a few years ago at Urban Outfitters maybe. It had a dinosaur on it wearing sweat bands and sweating.

  5. I totally bought that coupon! I really liked the one month I went to and definitely felt stronger after the month (can you say pull-ups?) but the 5am wake-up calls were SO brutal! 6:15am spinning is so much easier to get to.


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