17 February 2014

Call me Crafty: Book Clutch

I got a sewing machine for Christmas so I immediately went to the internets to find sewing projects. I wanted to start small and ended up being inspired by a project that didn't require a ton of sewing, a book clutch by See Kate Sew

I picked out some hard cover books for $2 a piece at the local thrift/antique store, Miss Pixies. It was fun picking out titles that I never heard of but were fun nonetheless. I cut the pages out. Don't worry I kept them to read…. or do some other craft with later.

 photo IMG_1622_zps808fdcf8.jpg

Then it was time to prep the zipper.

 photo IMG_1623_zps6b09bf31.jpg

And sew the zipper.

 photo IMG_1625_zpsc7d9dfee.jpg

Iron the zipper.

 photo IMG_1628_zpse0d06a3e.jpg

Glue the zipper to the book.

 photo IMG_1629_zpsf4a8b8c5.jpg

Then glue liner fabric.

 photo IMG_1632_zpsa8b6de3a.jpg

Tada! Mine is a bit bulkier than Kate's. I guess I didn't glue the zipper far enough in on the book. I still think it is fun. I also didn't glue fabric on the outside of the book. I liked the way the red and black cover was already.

 photo IMG_1633_zpse269f124.jpg

 photo IMG_1636_zps77ad336b.jpg