18 July 2010

Etsy bitsy cake

Etsy is an online marketplace for homemade items. Anyone who make something can set up a shop on Etsy.com and sell it to the masses. You can really waste (or is it really wasting?) several hours looking at page after page of unique handmade items.

Just recently I learned that the host Etsy Lab events at their headquarters in Brooklyn. Last Monday I headed out to make a mini cake... Only problem was the event was from 4-8pm (come and go as you please the invite said) and at least a half hour from the office. Not deterred by my impromptu 6pm meeting I hurried making the last minute changes to a memo and rushed out the door not a minute after 6:45 pm. Was google maps wrong? did I get slightly lost? or did I leave the office a few minutes after 6:45 pm? I'm not sure but I didn't arrive at Etsy till around 7:30. Everyone was deep (and advanced) in their tiny cake making. I see the instructions and walk over to get them and the supplies to start, when I'm informed "you have about 5 minutes to get started" ahhhh! Apparently they like an extended 20 minute clean up period. I grab the supplies, get some quick instructions (plastic handle scissors for paper) and start cutting my pieces out. Clean up time arrived in what felt like five seconds later. I gathered up the supplies I would need to finish (helped with more than my share of clean up) and headed back to the subway a bit glum.

Tonight I decided that corporate america would not win (I was the only one at craft night wearing business casual) and I would finish my tiny cake. It was fun and easy (took about an hour while watching House on TV) to put together, but if I had more than 5 minutes I think I would of picked out some different color combinations. I also have a pattern for a slice of cake...
My little cake
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting on top and chocolate icing on the sides

Produce Pete

It wasn't long after I moved to New York that I saw my first "Produce Pete" segment on NBC's local weekend today in New York. His segments are informative, entertaining, and look delicious. He recommends in season fruit and explains how to tell if it is ready. Yesterday was all about white peaches and white nectarines. I learned that all peaches and nectarines were white in the beginning before the crossbreeding began. The white ones are sweeter so they go bad faster and will burn quicker if cooked, but and I said... they are sweeter.

I decided to follow his advice and pick up some peaches. I don't know how I forgot how good they are, but man they are. I bought another peach variation too "sweet peaches" which were also delicious.

Fourth peach in two days

11 July 2010


I headed out to Governor's Island today with a group of friends for the inaugural Meatopia event. There were 30 or so BBQ tents providing "tastings". We all purchased the "prime" option which gave us 9 tastings and unlimited Fiji water. These tastings were big portions and I wasn't able to finish my ticket. My favorites included a chicken sausage, brisket and a pork taco (it had a sauce made out of corn smut, which I didn't know you could eat and at first was disgusted but then the guy was like "its like mushrooms" and it tastes good).

It was my first time to Governor's Island as well. I made it to the Ferry in no time and the ride over was pretty quick as well. For most of it's modern history the island was used for military uses and most recently for the coast guard. There haven't been residents on the island since 1996, but the building remain (including a fort). We went in four officer's quarters that were housing art exhibits. There were a few cool pieces (and some creepy ones).
Meat grilling
One of the bluegrassy bands performing at the festival (and one of the many, many, many strollers attending the event)

05 July 2010

New England Weekend

A few shots from my weekend in New England. Not much else to saw but good food, good friends, and good fun.

View of Walker's point from our sailboat cruise
getting splashed by the sea
View from our balcony in Newport
The crew in the Astor's crumbling mansion in Newport
All of us in Maine

Play Me- I'm Yours

For the past few weeks artist Luke Jerram left pianos all over the city in different public spaces as part of Play Me- I'm Yours we were lucky enough to get two in Gantry State Park. I was amazed by how many people just went up to the pianos and started playing like a professional. All I was able to do was Mary had a little lamb and the beginning of Ode to Joy.

04 July 2010

Happy Birthday America

Every year I am surprised by how much red, white, and blue you see on Puerto Rican Day... and how little you see on the 4th of July in New York City. So today determined to see plenty of 4th of July spirit I headed to Coney Island.

First on the agenda: Hot dog eating contest

I arrived in Coney Island right before noon and right into a huge crowd ready to watch. After 50 minutes of spectacle the eaters were off! The whole thing was a bit like a soap opera, especially with Kobayashi trying to rush the stage.

I didn't have the best view, but the big screen gave me a close up to the action
This guy was crazy. The MC and I think he is the chairman of Major League Eating. Here he is saying something like "Eating hot dogs is our Destiny"

Stage show included a Nathan's dance team and dancing hot dogs
Second up: Boardwalk and beach

I don't know how the rest of the US is fairing, but there is a bit of a Northeastern heat wave going on here. I barely survived the boardwalk.

The beach was crowded and full of umbrellas
#3: Luna Park

Luna Park is the new amusement park that opened this year in Coney Island. Luna took over the area that was Astroland. I didn't ride but there were several rides that looked pretty fun.

Fourth stop: Freak Show

Everytime I've been to Coney Island I've been intrigued by the side show, but I've never gone before. Once because I was scared, once it was closed, another time the others in my group weren't interested... well today I wasn't going to let anything hold me back. I bought my ticket and went inside. The show included:
Nail and drill in the nose
Sword swallowing
Fire eating/spitting
Snake dancing
Mouse trap on the tongue (yeah...)
Electric chair girl
Self proclaimed Seal boy
Verdict- I don't know that I needed to see any of that. The nail in the nose was definitely the hardest to watch.

Fifth item: Spot some Red White and Blue

Not as much as I would hope, but I spotted some awesome outfits. No pictures, but my favorite male outfit goes to the man on the Q train wearing a red and white gingham shirt with Chambray shorts and brown topsiders. Favorite female outfit goes to the woman on the times square platform in a very cute dress that was red and white stripe on top and blue on the bottom.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

03 July 2010

NYC 3 year anniversary

Before I go on a bit more about my adventures in Maine, I would like to take a moment to celebrate the end of my third year in New York City.

What did I do to celebrate?

Played some basketball at the neighborhood courts,
worked out in the gym,
checked out the pool for awhile,
downloaded a new book on my eReader,
was surprised by the August issue of Glamour in my mailbox,
and scored one of the coveted hammocks by the riverside.

Relaxing, reading, and enjoying the gentle sway of the hammock

Astoria Fireworks.

Well ever since I moved to a spot with great East River views the folks of Macy's (and whoever else gets to decide) have been shooting the 4th of July fire works off over the Hudson River. So I went to Astoria on Wednesday to see some fireworks over the East River.

My friend Carrie (former Astoria resident) was back in town and she recommended some amazing gyros to take to the park for a little picnic.
So good!
We watched through the trees so we didn't have to fight the crowd
Carrie and her veggie gyro
It was a really good show, lasted 20+ minutes
Triborough bridge at sunset

02 July 2010

Food Wars

My friends and I weren't the only ones in Kennebunkport for the weekend. Also in town was the Travel Channel's Food Wars hosted by Camille Ford. The were in town to settle the lobster roll war between the clam shack and Allison's restaurant. We had seen some filming around town on Saturday, but hit the jackpot on Sunday when we were heading to the pier behind the Nonantum Resort. There was Camille filming the opening segment by a lobster boat. We went on with our sail trip, but when we got back they were handing out samples and coming to the conclusion of the show. We got to sample Allison's but had to leave before the decision was made.

Chowing down on a lobster roll
The set and all the fans