18 July 2010

Etsy bitsy cake

Etsy is an online marketplace for homemade items. Anyone who make something can set up a shop on Etsy.com and sell it to the masses. You can really waste (or is it really wasting?) several hours looking at page after page of unique handmade items.

Just recently I learned that the host Etsy Lab events at their headquarters in Brooklyn. Last Monday I headed out to make a mini cake... Only problem was the event was from 4-8pm (come and go as you please the invite said) and at least a half hour from the office. Not deterred by my impromptu 6pm meeting I hurried making the last minute changes to a memo and rushed out the door not a minute after 6:45 pm. Was google maps wrong? did I get slightly lost? or did I leave the office a few minutes after 6:45 pm? I'm not sure but I didn't arrive at Etsy till around 7:30. Everyone was deep (and advanced) in their tiny cake making. I see the instructions and walk over to get them and the supplies to start, when I'm informed "you have about 5 minutes to get started" ahhhh! Apparently they like an extended 20 minute clean up period. I grab the supplies, get some quick instructions (plastic handle scissors for paper) and start cutting my pieces out. Clean up time arrived in what felt like five seconds later. I gathered up the supplies I would need to finish (helped with more than my share of clean up) and headed back to the subway a bit glum.

Tonight I decided that corporate america would not win (I was the only one at craft night wearing business casual) and I would finish my tiny cake. It was fun and easy (took about an hour while watching House on TV) to put together, but if I had more than 5 minutes I think I would of picked out some different color combinations. I also have a pattern for a slice of cake...
My little cake
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting on top and chocolate icing on the sides


  1. Like your cake - I am sure you can find a category for it in the Chilhowee Fair!

  2. That's cute! What's inside? Stuffing?

  3. My stitching quality wasn't top notch, but if there is a category I'll enter it!

    It is filled with stuffing, its not packed too full as I had to guess how much I would need.


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