18 July 2010

Produce Pete

It wasn't long after I moved to New York that I saw my first "Produce Pete" segment on NBC's local weekend today in New York. His segments are informative, entertaining, and look delicious. He recommends in season fruit and explains how to tell if it is ready. Yesterday was all about white peaches and white nectarines. I learned that all peaches and nectarines were white in the beginning before the crossbreeding began. The white ones are sweeter so they go bad faster and will burn quicker if cooked, but and I said... they are sweeter.

I decided to follow his advice and pick up some peaches. I don't know how I forgot how good they are, but man they are. I bought another peach variation too "sweet peaches" which were also delicious.

Fourth peach in two days


  1. They would go really well with home made ice cream!!!

  2. I should watch that, I seem to buy not so great peaches.


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