11 July 2010


I headed out to Governor's Island today with a group of friends for the inaugural Meatopia event. There were 30 or so BBQ tents providing "tastings". We all purchased the "prime" option which gave us 9 tastings and unlimited Fiji water. These tastings were big portions and I wasn't able to finish my ticket. My favorites included a chicken sausage, brisket and a pork taco (it had a sauce made out of corn smut, which I didn't know you could eat and at first was disgusted but then the guy was like "its like mushrooms" and it tastes good).

It was my first time to Governor's Island as well. I made it to the Ferry in no time and the ride over was pretty quick as well. For most of it's modern history the island was used for military uses and most recently for the coast guard. There haven't been residents on the island since 1996, but the building remain (including a fort). We went in four officer's quarters that were housing art exhibits. There were a few cool pieces (and some creepy ones).
Meat grilling
One of the bluegrassy bands performing at the festival (and one of the many, many, many strollers attending the event)


  1. I'm not sure about corn smut, what color is it?

  2. Well in nature it is a moldy black color... It was blended and mixed with something to make the sauce I ate. It looked more grey/purple and was the consistency of mayo.


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