02 July 2010

Food Wars

My friends and I weren't the only ones in Kennebunkport for the weekend. Also in town was the Travel Channel's Food Wars hosted by Camille Ford. The were in town to settle the lobster roll war between the clam shack and Allison's restaurant. We had seen some filming around town on Saturday, but hit the jackpot on Sunday when we were heading to the pier behind the Nonantum Resort. There was Camille filming the opening segment by a lobster boat. We went on with our sail trip, but when we got back they were handing out samples and coming to the conclusion of the show. We got to sample Allison's but had to leave before the decision was made.

Chowing down on a lobster roll
The set and all the fans


  1. Never had a lobster roll, I'm not even sure what a lobster roll is.

  2. I'd never had one before either, but apparently they are in vogue right now. I read this article http://nymag.com/guides/summer/2010/66749/ on my ride up to Maine so I was ready to give it a chance. It is essentially a lobster "salad" on toasted bun. Creativity comes in with the type of bun, type of mayo, and different seasonings.

  3. It's the CLAM Shack.


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