03 July 2010

Astoria Fireworks.

Well ever since I moved to a spot with great East River views the folks of Macy's (and whoever else gets to decide) have been shooting the 4th of July fire works off over the Hudson River. So I went to Astoria on Wednesday to see some fireworks over the East River.

My friend Carrie (former Astoria resident) was back in town and she recommended some amazing gyros to take to the park for a little picnic.
So good!
We watched through the trees so we didn't have to fight the crowd
Carrie and her veggie gyro
It was a really good show, lasted 20+ minutes
Triborough bridge at sunset

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  1. Looks like a lovely spot!

    In Louisville we have something two weeks before the Derby called "Thunder Over Louisville". Best place to watch is through a window of a Highland apt. building on a high floor, with the TV sound on.

    That way you avoid half a million people in the crowd downtown.


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