26 August 2012

Pump it up

With my 5 weeks of 5 am wake ups for bootcamp over, I've taken to a few new types of workouts. The last few weeks you could of seen me...

practicing Yoga in Dupont Circle

running in the rain

nike training club workouts on my rooftop

and last Friday I threw a few weights around with the men in the weight room at the gym

19 August 2012

Tubing on the Shenandoah River

A few weeks ago my friend Liz and I headed an hour or so out of the city to float down the Shenandoah River. We had originally signed up to go with our alumni group, but the day before the trip they emailed that it was cancelled, with out a very good explanation. We decided to go ahead and go. I reserved a zip car and we rounded up three more people to go with us.

We had a good time and the river water was mostly deep enough for a relaxing ride. And best part? Afterwards we stopped for ice cream at a local walk up soft serve stand.

Me & Liz (I borrowed her Carolina shorts, which should not be considered an endorsement)

stretching, flexing, and ready to float

on the river... I accidentally grabbed a kid sized tube

16 August 2012

Marine Parade at 8th & I

Every Friday night in the summer the Marines put on a show at the oldest post of the corps. I first heard of the parade through my cousin-in-law's cousin-in-law who plays drums in the drum and bugle corps. The show is free, but when I went to request tickets, the first tickets available were several months out, which turned out to be last Friday night.

A friend and I arrived at the gates around 7:40 and after getting my bag checked and going through a metal detector we were seated in the (padded) bleachers. My tickets said we had to be there by 7:45, but I didn't realize the show didn't start till 8:45. Luckily the sent a few marines out to entertain us. They answered questions and gave us an overview of how the show would proceed.

the marine barracks and flag with 15 stars & stripes

They also gave us a little history. The flag flying only had 15 stars & stripes because that was the US flag when the barracks were built (Kentucky was the 15th state).

commandant's house
 The show started with the President's own marine band. They played a few songs and marched about.

Then the drum and bugle corps joined them and they marched together.

marching through each other
After awhile the Alpha and Bravo companies marched out. The Alpha company contains the silent drill team and the color guard while the Bravo company contains the body bearer section. They did a few gun twirls and then the silent drill team put on a pretty cool routine.

The show concluded with a bugler playing taps from atop the barracks. I recommend checking out the show. It seemed a little long (concluded at 10:15), but that may have been because I didn't eat dinner before hand.

15 August 2012

Tale of two pillows

The summer I moved to NYC I spent a few weeks at my parent's house transitioning from grad school in Texas to full time employee in NYC. Anyone who has spent more than a few hours with my mom knows that any type of down time can be filled with crafting. So that summer I started embroidering a pillow top. I'd made some good process, but soon I moved to NYC and only picked up my project on some cold winter nights. Finally last year (four years after I had started) I finished the embroidery work, but then the top sat in a bag for another year. Now it is finally finished! It's my 5 year pillow. Now that I live in DC I should start a DC 5 year pillow.

As I was finishing up the pillow I came across some fabric I had purchased in NYC and since I had some pillow filling left I decided to sew up another pillow. The second pillow is my 1 hour pillow. 

I think they both look great on my couch.

5 yr pillow on left & 1 yr pillow on right

14 August 2012

Steak, grilled veggies, and Hershey Pie

I was lucky enough to be invited out to my Uncle and Aunt's new house for a BBQ last Sunday. For just moving last month I was impressed by how many pictures were up and things were put away. 

The rain held of just enough to finish the steak and veggies on the grill.


no words...
My cousin Shannon made a delicious Hershey Pie for desert.  

delicious and pretty

13 August 2012

Double dose of Nats

Some of my cousins are in town visiting from Germany. A visit to DC isn't complete without a double header at National's Park. The Nats split the day with the Marlins, but the highlight of the night was seeing family I hadn't seen in a few years.

12 August 2012

A Morning at the Museum

A few weeks ago my cousins invited me to check out the National Museum of Natural History. I hadn't been there very recently as I fear the children. Luckily I had two kids to protect me and we saw some Dinosaurs, Diamonds, and a newer display about the Chilean minors. After the museum we went to the Sculpture Garden for lunch and a photo shoot. A fun morning.

sibling love

11 August 2012

Just July

I'm a little late on this one, but I've been busy waking up early, watching the Olympics, and then going to bed early. Hard, hard life.

  • Refrain from using the snooze button- I never used it once even during 5 am wake ups.
  • Run at least 6 races- I ran the Crystal City Twilighter for my 6th race of the year and new 5K PR.

  • Travel somewhere new- I made it to Bozeman, MT, Livingston, MT, and Hyalite Canyon.
  • Be friendlier to strangers- Had a great conversation in line at Whole Foods about Himalayan berries. Turns out you can eat them in cereal and tea and they cost $20 a bag.