19 August 2012

Tubing on the Shenandoah River

A few weeks ago my friend Liz and I headed an hour or so out of the city to float down the Shenandoah River. We had originally signed up to go with our alumni group, but the day before the trip they emailed that it was cancelled, with out a very good explanation. We decided to go ahead and go. I reserved a zip car and we rounded up three more people to go with us.

We had a good time and the river water was mostly deep enough for a relaxing ride. And best part? Afterwards we stopped for ice cream at a local walk up soft serve stand.

Me & Liz (I borrowed her Carolina shorts, which should not be considered an endorsement)

stretching, flexing, and ready to float

on the river... I accidentally grabbed a kid sized tube


  1. Looks like such a good time! I haven't gone tubing in years, maybe we can squeeze in a trip before the summer is over.

  2. The kid sized tube looks just your size.

  3. what fun. I like the ice cream part too. MOM

  4. i haven't been tubing in years but i remember how fun it is! i wonder if i can find any good places to go on the eastern shore.


  5. The first thing I thought was, why is she wearing carolina shorts? I accept your explanation.


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