25 April 2009

Run for the Gorillas

While heading to work about two weeks ago I was handed a banana and some papers in the tunnel between the 6 train and the shuttle to Times Square. I just wanted the banana but read the literature only to learn that there would be a "Run for the Gorillas" in the Bronx Zoo. As soon as I got to work I pulled up the website and signed up (sorry boss). I also convinced Adrian to sign up for this 5k through the Bronx Zoo, with all proceeds going towards help for Gorilla's habitats and sustainability of the Gorilla population.

Yesterday was the day. We got to the zoo around 8:30 am to see that people came out in hoards to run. There were several people dressed up as gorillas, one banana, and some other assorted costumes. The day was beautiful perfect for a morning run as it eventually warmed up to 85 degrees. After a local middle school student flubbed the national anthem (we helped her out), and Tiki Barber gave us words of encouragement, we were off into the zoo.
The beginning of the run was along some service roads and parking lots, but not after too long we were in the zoo. A lot of the animals weren't out and about (or maybe I was running to fast, haha) but we did see a few along the run... flamingos, monkeys, bison. I finished the event still feeling pretty good, but it was not a timed event so I'm not sure how long it took us.
At the finish line we received high fives from Gorillas, water, fruit, muffins, and goody bags that included a "go Diego go" toy, shower gel, a notebook, and some literature. As we headed up to the after race activity area we were greeted by the sea lions jumping and diving and pulling up to the edge of the pool and teasing us. They were fantastic. I didn't have my camera until after the run so these pictures are of the sea lions later in the day when they were much more calm and just swimming around.

When we first saw the sea lions this little one below was still sunning on a rock. His mom went over and nudged him to wake up. After being a little groggy he wondered down to the waters edge and plopped in... and just floated. We were worried for a minute as he just floated in the water, but eventually he started moving a little and as you can see when we came back later in the day he was swimming around like the others.

Here are the flamingos we saw at about 2.5 miles.

For signing up for the run we got free entry back into the zoo and tickets to the Congo exhibit. Tickets normally cost $3 to go in to this area and I highly recommend anyone who goes to the Bronx Zoo to pay the extra $3 because the gorillas were amazing.
Below is one of the little guy gorillas.

I think the Silver back liked me. When we first went over to this window he was hiding behind a tree. Then he came out and started walking towards us, took a break by a tree to have a snack, before settling right up against the window.

The giraffe house had a distinct ahem giraffe smell, but it was totally worth ignoring because the giraffe was so close. A group of lucky people were feeding the giraffe carrots and kale. The giraffe's legs were taller than me, you don't realize how awesome of an animal they are until you get so close.

I was so hypnotized by the giraffe that I didn't realize that Tiki Barber was right in front of me taking pictures of the kids feeding the giraffe. He must of been hosting some sort of make a wish type of thing. So when I did realize that is who it was I snagged a picture of him from the side.

The Africa trail included the lions, zebra, antelope, peacocks. This Zebra looked very sad to be on the other side of the fence.

Back to front: Cub, Momma, Daddy


Baboons. We watched the baboons from the eating area where we had lunch. Apparently one snagged a turtle for lunch right in front of us.

The Polar bear put on a show for us. I was to mesmerized and didn't get it on film. After walking around on land he turned his back to us shook his behind and dived into the water.


The two sweaty runners enjoying a day at the zoo... I think we are blocking the Chinese Deer.

20 April 2009

Family Reunion "Down on the Farm"

Last weekend I headed back to Missouri for a some fun on the farm, family reunion style. The weekend was packed full of activities... what makes for a good reunion you ask?

1. Shooting water balloons at cousins and siblings
2. Kayaking while avoiding water balloons

3. Shooting potatoes at cousins and dad

4. Preparing insane amounts of food5. Grilling insane amount of mini burgers

6. CRAFTS!!!!!

7. Playing in soybeans (ok... not always necessary, but a plus)

8. A fish fry from fish fished on Friday

9. And finally, the official 2009 Family Photo

Fishing on the farm

12 April 2009

Top Shop

The English store Topshop opened its first US store on Broadway and Broome this week. I headed downtown to check out what all the buzz was about. When I saw there was a line to get in the store I almost turned around, but since I had traveled so many subway stops to get there I decided to remain calm and brave the crowd. The store is huge, four levels, one for men and three for the ladies. I'd heard it compared to H&M, but the clothes are a little more expensive (haven't determined about quality yet). I waited forever (30+ min) in line for the dressing room, but was met with a still cheerful staff (something you will never find at H&M). I left with two dresses. I'll probably return, but not anytime soon.

Happy Easter

My steaming Easter Dinner. Ham, asparagus casserole, and potato casserole... yummmm

After lunch I went for a walk in the park. View of the boat pond from the ribbon bridge.
Spring in Central Park. Flowers everywhere!

By the boat pond I ran into a group doing traditional English dances.

11 April 2009

Art in the form of Eggs

Today they are art... tomorrow part of my asparagus casserole.

New York in Bloom

Even though its still a bit chilly trees and flowers are blooming all over the city. I took the top photo on my way to the subway Thursday morning. It was a beautiful day and the trees on 77th were in full bloom. Later that morning I decided to get Starbucks before heading in to work (I do this less than once a month) and ran into a coworker. As we walked over to work he stopped me and pointed. I was speechless.... it was Tim Gunn host of Project Runway and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. His hair and suit was perfect and he was walking with purpose. I didn't get a photo, but he added to the beautiful morning.
Yesterday while walking up Park Avenue after work I noticed these flowers and trees and had to pause and enjoy the beauty of spring.

06 April 2009


While walking down Lexington to the subway last week I noticed a few trailers parked along the sidewalk (ok...they would of been hard for even a New Yorker to miss). The first two were the catering and cooks, next were dressing rooms of the stars and the third had a door for the director and for hair and makeup. Of course I was curious of what was being filmed... thank goodness for NYPD do not park signs. When there is no parking for an event it always says what is going on. I made a quick pass by a sign and read that they were filming "Howl". A quick search on imdb.com explained that its a film staring James Franco and Mary-Louise Parker about the obscenity trail Allen Ginsberg faced after the publication of his poem titled... Howl.

The Director's room
Rooms in the trailer

A few of the trucks parked on Lex (and two guys heading to work)