12 April 2009

Top Shop

The English store Topshop opened its first US store on Broadway and Broome this week. I headed downtown to check out what all the buzz was about. When I saw there was a line to get in the store I almost turned around, but since I had traveled so many subway stops to get there I decided to remain calm and brave the crowd. The store is huge, four levels, one for men and three for the ladies. I'd heard it compared to H&M, but the clothes are a little more expensive (haven't determined about quality yet). I waited forever (30+ min) in line for the dressing room, but was met with a still cheerful staff (something you will never find at H&M). I left with two dresses. I'll probably return, but not anytime soon.


  1. Post pictures of your dresses and let us decide if you should keep them.


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