30 April 2008

Diamond Birthday

I went home to Missouri for the Event of the Year, Mom's Bday! I don't really have any photos of the party, but it was great! Here are some of the other weekend happenings.
Happy Birthday Mom... You get the Rock!
And a trip to Germany!
And these fabulous shirts....
And some crazy siblings

We got kinda of carried away with cakes : )
Setting up the barn
Sunday we went mushroom hunting. And actually found some!!!

13 April 2008

I hate rats

Staten Island

It took over nine months, but I finally set foot on Staten Island. I have now conquered all five boroughs. And by conquered I mean have physically walked around a tiny bit of four of them and a whole lot of Manhattan. I was not really impressed by Staten Island, but I think I was just not in the right parts. Staten Island is more "rural" and most people have cars. The thing I noticed most while walking around was there were parking lots, no yellow cabs and I could hear birds chirping as I was walking down the street (which is to say it was eerily quiet at points).

Staten Island Ferry Station in Manhattan.
Manhattan from Staten Island
Staten Island Borough Hall
Some Battleship at some naval base on Staten Island
View from the Staten Island Railway Platform
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from the Ferry

12 April 2008

Springtime in NY

Today the temperature reached above 70 for the second or third time this spring. Although most of my day was consumed with laundry (what I would give for an washer and dryer in my apartment) I took time to walk through Carl Schurz Park and look at all the fabulous flowers. Thank goodness Spring is here!!!!