17 January 2010

80s Awesome Prom

A friend of a friend of a friend was having a birthday party at an 80's Prom and I got invited... So the birthday boy's roommate is an actress in this off-off-off broadway performance "Awesome 80's Prom", which is an interactive show and the perfect place to celebrate. We were encouraged to dress 80's and were part of the prom. The music was awesome and the performance was, well entertaining. The actors strolled through the crowd interacting and had several scenes, mostly surrounding the voting on Prom Queen and King. The show reminded me of my senior play in highschool, which was an interactive dinner theater (I was an alligator wrestler), in that the characters seemed to overact. Overall it was a fun night and it did take me back to my high school prom, just a little bit.

Carrie and I in our 80's garb... when didn't go all out in the prom dresses, but many people did. Notice the Swedish foreign exchange student in the background.

The prom DJ on stage

Grooving out with the nerds from the show.

Carrie dancing with him

MC Hammer showed up. Hammer Time!

In case you didn't think I looked 80's enough... check out my awesome legwarmers.

Bird watching city style

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York. I sadly didn't get out to do too much but I did take a walk along the waterfront. I didn't see any Blue Jays or Cardinals but I did see a few birds.

A seagull hanging out by the gantries

And another checking out the Empire State Building

09 January 2010

PBR at Madison Square Garden

Thanks to a facebook update (thank you Susan) I found out that the PBR was in town this weekend. I put my cowboy boots on, convinced Adrian that it would be a good time, and took the subway to the Garden. I wasn't sure what other type of people would be there, but our section (not the best seats) was filled with people our age having a good time.

If I didn't know better I would of thought I was at a Worldwide Wrestling competition. There were fireworks, confetti, fire, drama, music, cowboys posed like models and that was just the first ten minutes.

Before the show started

These letters would later light on fire.


Yee Haw!

There was one Missourian. He was the first to make it to 8 seconds, but didn't score very high. They also had mutton busting, which was won by a young lady and had a very enjoyable little boy dancing, and a band played two songs out in the middle while they were changing bulls.

Overall it was fun and it included a lot less clown bathroom humor than the events at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.

Empanada's a second time around

My first attempt at empanadas didn't go so well. So for the second time around I was tipped off that Goya makes dough all ready to go. Ten discs to a pack, defrost them (doesn't take long at all), roll them out a little flatter, and fill.

Thanks Goya!

The filling this time wasn't much different from last time- rice, tomato, onion, ground beef, potato, and seasonings

Filling the shell
Two with pretty pressed down edges. We also made this yummy passion fruit juice smoothy thing.

Filling in the fore ground smoothy in the back ground and empanadas in the middle
We baked them instead of frying. Delicious!

01 January 2010

Here birdy birdy

I'm coming clean... I discovered while at home over Christmas that I like to watch birds. I didn't think it would happen to me. I despise pigeons, but Blue Jays, Cardinals, and Woodpeckers? I can't get enough. Our bird feeding tree, mom's corn decoration, and the snow brought more birds than ever to our front yard. Next move? Maybe I'll have to go on one of those Central Park Bird watching tours.

Inspired by Martha

At the Martha Stewart craft show I went to (mentioned in an earlier post) there was a crafter selling cards with a cut out circle topped with a snow flake. While I thought they were very cute I thought I could make them at home for a fraction of the price. Once I got home I was inspired to create and got out my crafting container (yes only a container, some day I will have a room). Circles seemed complex (without a "circle maker") so I went with rectangles and snowflakes seemed time consuming so I went with trees. The result? I think they turned out cuter than the original. I added bows to top off the trees. Only problem? I didn't measure the cards to fit my envelopes....