17 January 2010

80s Awesome Prom

A friend of a friend of a friend was having a birthday party at an 80's Prom and I got invited... So the birthday boy's roommate is an actress in this off-off-off broadway performance "Awesome 80's Prom", which is an interactive show and the perfect place to celebrate. We were encouraged to dress 80's and were part of the prom. The music was awesome and the performance was, well entertaining. The actors strolled through the crowd interacting and had several scenes, mostly surrounding the voting on Prom Queen and King. The show reminded me of my senior play in highschool, which was an interactive dinner theater (I was an alligator wrestler), in that the characters seemed to overact. Overall it was a fun night and it did take me back to my high school prom, just a little bit.

Carrie and I in our 80's garb... when didn't go all out in the prom dresses, but many people did. Notice the Swedish foreign exchange student in the background.

The prom DJ on stage

Grooving out with the nerds from the show.

Carrie dancing with him

MC Hammer showed up. Hammer Time!

In case you didn't think I looked 80's enough... check out my awesome legwarmers.

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