09 January 2010

PBR at Madison Square Garden

Thanks to a facebook update (thank you Susan) I found out that the PBR was in town this weekend. I put my cowboy boots on, convinced Adrian that it would be a good time, and took the subway to the Garden. I wasn't sure what other type of people would be there, but our section (not the best seats) was filled with people our age having a good time.

If I didn't know better I would of thought I was at a Worldwide Wrestling competition. There were fireworks, confetti, fire, drama, music, cowboys posed like models and that was just the first ten minutes.

Before the show started

These letters would later light on fire.


Yee Haw!

There was one Missourian. He was the first to make it to 8 seconds, but didn't score very high. They also had mutton busting, which was won by a young lady and had a very enjoyable little boy dancing, and a band played two songs out in the middle while they were changing bulls.

Overall it was fun and it included a lot less clown bathroom humor than the events at the Johnson County Fairgrounds.


  1. Yeehaw! Miss the Rodeo at the Bell county expo center. Pink cowboy hat and all..

  2. I think spandex would be the main difference between rodeo and wrestling.

  3. Ellen there were plenty of cowboy hats but there was a little bit of that Texas feeling missing.
    Kristen, even rodeo has a little spandex, the bull fighters usually have some.


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