01 January 2010

Inspired by Martha

At the Martha Stewart craft show I went to (mentioned in an earlier post) there was a crafter selling cards with a cut out circle topped with a snow flake. While I thought they were very cute I thought I could make them at home for a fraction of the price. Once I got home I was inspired to create and got out my crafting container (yes only a container, some day I will have a room). Circles seemed complex (without a "circle maker") so I went with rectangles and snowflakes seemed time consuming so I went with trees. The result? I think they turned out cuter than the original. I added bows to top off the trees. Only problem? I didn't measure the cards to fit my envelopes....


  1. Is that one tree in front of a cut out window? It's cute too.

  2. Yes. Thanks! I decided that cutting four squares was harder than one. So it ended at one.

  3. like your cards. That's a nice Christmas picture. I'm enjoying the Christmas pics from home in MO. MOM


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