09 January 2010

Empanada's a second time around

My first attempt at empanadas didn't go so well. So for the second time around I was tipped off that Goya makes dough all ready to go. Ten discs to a pack, defrost them (doesn't take long at all), roll them out a little flatter, and fill.

Thanks Goya!

The filling this time wasn't much different from last time- rice, tomato, onion, ground beef, potato, and seasonings

Filling the shell
Two with pretty pressed down edges. We also made this yummy passion fruit juice smoothy thing.

Filling in the fore ground smoothy in the back ground and empanadas in the middle
We baked them instead of frying. Delicious!


  1. yummy! I want to try and make them now if I can find that dough. Was the smoothie from scratch or a mix?

  2. You should! You can fill them with anything. The smoothie is another Goya product. It is just pureed and frozen fruit. You add ice, milk/water/yogurt, and sugar if you want and blend it up. They have all types of odder fruits. I am having blackberry right now, but I liked the passion fruit better.


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