28 September 2009

So I tried to make empanadas

Lesson learned: Don't follow a recipe recited to you while in a bar. Adrian loves empanadas and I like to cook. So the other night I asked how to make them. His instructions seemed so easy...

The first step went well: cook rice, ground beef, onion, and tomato seasoned with goya adobo. I think the rice and meat are most important, I had onion and tomato in the fridge so in they went.

When things went wrong... instructions for dough: combine corn meal and warm water, enough so it is moist but not muddy, pat into dish sized circle, fill and close.
What actually happened: wet corn meal. So I added an egg and then after a quick internet search I added a little flour. The dough finally stuck together and I was able to make circles (or rounded squares), fill them (didn't take much), and close them. Then I threw them in the oven (healthier than frying?).

Tada! the finished product. They weren't horrible. I didn't like the crust at all, I think it was too thick and hard (may of helped if I hadn't tried to wing it). But the filling was delicious. Adrian was excited to see them and ate them just as enthusiastically. I'm determined to try again. They can only get better?


  1. They still look good, sometimes recipes are important, but only sometimes.

  2. Next time you should try out some sweet ones. Maybe pumpkin for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  3. Pumpkin empanadas sound delicious, I think I've only had meat ones. Maybe I'll try those next (after I find a recipe for them).


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