26 September 2009

Giving one of the 62 libraries a chance

A reader reminded last week that while yes the library down the block isn't open there are several other options. Growing up we did live over 10 miles from the closest public library so I should be able to deal with a subway ride, right? Well I gave it a chance I rode two stops past my normal station and got out to visit the Court Square Library (on a Monday night, the only night the library is open late). I had looked up the library online beforehand and noticed that one of it's specialties was "Home and Garden" so needless to say I was excited.

Empty display case in front of library

Entry way and almost the entire book collection.
Sadly I was unsatisfied with the selection. The Adult fiction section was almost non existent. The Children's section and non-fiction sections were a bit bigger, but apparently a specialty in a type of book just means you need about 20 books. I found one book, but decided to flip through it there (it was very clean and had nice seating area along with a few computers) instead of having to return it later. I did have a nice walk home. I guess there are 61 more libraries left to try.


  1. You'll find one. Are they not all connected? Like you can just find the books online and they ship them to your closest library? Or are you just wanting to flip though an actual card catalog?

  2. The website was pretty nice and I think they would transport books, I know the ones in Manhattan did. I kinda like browsing the aisles though.

  3. My favorite library of all time is the fictional one on "Beauty and the Beast." Now that's a library. When I grow up and have my own house, I want a library like that :)

  4. Ohh I love that library. I would like a library... lots of wood and leather and pillows.


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