07 September 2009

1st annual Chilhowee 5K

After last year's fair Beth decided that the Chilhowee Fair needed a 5K. With the help of several family member's Beth pulled off the first Chilhowee Fair 5K Saturday morning. With lots of trash talk and lots of runners and walkers the 5K was a success.

On your mark- GO!!

Who is that girl with great form? Me running by the post office.

Kristen won! and some guy... Times? Guy 21 min, Kristen 25:20 min

Me and the most dedicated runners who drove several hours just to be part of this historic event.


  1. I need to get in on this 5K action someday. I think I can beat 21:00.

  2. We'll sign you up for next year. The guy that won supposedly said that it was a slow time for him because he had no one to chase... Maybe you could help him out with that!


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