27 October 2007


Exciting news... haha. So I was fooling around with the layout yesterday and noticed that I could change the rules about leaving comments. So now you can comment with out logging in. However if you guys start abusing this opportunity I will change it back! : ) Also Kristen launched her website www.ola-maes.com last week. Check it out and buy some underwear!

24 October 2007

Serendipity 3 a fun place to eat

How I felt when we arrived and it wasn't open.

How I felt when we were sharing a frozen hot chocolate.... amazing!


Marissa took these in Central Park by the Jackie O reservoir. The first you can see my scar : ( the second I am contemplating something big... haha

23 October 2007


So just today I discovered these signs around my neighborhood... they say "Young-ish woman Desperate to find a man who loves life" So if your looking for someone, give Kira a call!

Diet Coke in what I call the "Cupcake Park" in West Village

This sign was posted in my apartment courtyard... don't tell me what to mistake! I never saw a filming or a fog machine

Another observation... New York likes Halloween, almost every restaurant is decorated for Halloween however much it doesn't fit with the motif. And several houses/apts are decorated all over the place... scary.

Wall Street, Broadway, and Columbus Circle

New York Stock Exchange

Long awaited pic of the outside of my building, I was standing too close to get it all in.

Outside of the theater we saw A Chorus Line in. We were front row and center. We almost got spitted on and sweated on, but it was great being so close, being able to see EVERYTHING, and we had the only seats in the house with nice leg room. It was a good show I really believed everyone of them were their characters, but it left tons of questions unanswered.

Gorgeous Marissa outside Bloomingdales

Statue for Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle. We also saw some sort of model shoot in the surrounding fountains.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

22 October 2007

Museum of Modern Art

My friends were in town and it was raining so we went the the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Pictures top to bottom: a Picasso, Monet "Water lillies", a fun painting that I loved the description on the audio tour enough to take a picture of, Van Gogh "Starry Night", and Warhol's campbell soup.

Fox News

Jack- I toured the Fox News Studio.... I know.. .. haha A friend (Chris) of one of my coworker's (Robert) works at Fox News and the other day after work we went over and got a quick tour. It was pretty cool. Looked like what you think a newsroom would. There were little sections for each of the shows. Saw the Bill O'Reilly section... no Bill. We did see Shepard Smith... I didn't know it at the time. We got to see the green room, a control room, and a studio....

17 October 2007

Jerry Rice update

Catch a quick glimpse of me dancing with the stars here... watch seconds 51 to 54 very closely... More pics to come soon hopefully.

14 October 2007

Culture Fest

The NYC Culturefest was in Battery Park and had tents from what seemed like every museum and dance/music center in the five boroughs. I signed up for free tickets to many of them and got some fun free stuff. My friend met me down there and we strolled around. There were also some performance stages- one had these amazing dancers who were climbing up and down each other. It was amazing all the different museums there are: Museum of Biblical Art, Tenement Museum, Mount Vernon Hotel Museum, Museum of comic and cartoon art, and The Studio Museum in Harlem were just a few.

11 October 2007


So how often are you on your way home from work and are diverted b/c of a movie? Haha... It happened tonight. We had a work happy hour tonight and while I was headed home my coworker and I went to Grand Central and were diverted b/c of a movie, so finally we found a way inside and a lady ran up to us and was like go this way we are shooting a movie, they never said what and I didn't see any stars but there were all these extras standing all around waiting for "action" it was pretty cool but I went ahead and got out of the way and went home...

10 October 2007

Folk Art Museum

Let's see... Saturday night I watched the MIZZOU game with the Missouri alumni group at a place in the East Village. It was small and stinky, but I there were a lot of great people there and it was fun... and Mizzou won! Sunday I went to the folk art museum and was disappointed. Most of the art was by people who did their art for a living -- like jewish carvers who made a whole bunch of carousel horses and religious pieces. There were a few jems like the rug made from wonder bread bags and the moses chair. On my way home I ran into a Polish parade. I played dodgeball yesterday-- i joined a league, it was a lot of fun. I just got back from a basketball game, we started strong and led until the final minutes when they beat us. It came down to them having lots of subs and we only had one. I had several baskets and i got two scratches from fingernails... these girls are rough.