10 October 2007

Folk Art Museum

Let's see... Saturday night I watched the MIZZOU game with the Missouri alumni group at a place in the East Village. It was small and stinky, but I there were a lot of great people there and it was fun... and Mizzou won! Sunday I went to the folk art museum and was disappointed. Most of the art was by people who did their art for a living -- like jewish carvers who made a whole bunch of carousel horses and religious pieces. There were a few jems like the rug made from wonder bread bags and the moses chair. On my way home I ran into a Polish parade. I played dodgeball yesterday-- i joined a league, it was a lot of fun. I just got back from a basketball game, we started strong and led until the final minutes when they beat us. It came down to them having lots of subs and we only had one. I had several baskets and i got two scratches from fingernails... these girls are rough.

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