23 October 2007


So just today I discovered these signs around my neighborhood... they say "Young-ish woman Desperate to find a man who loves life" So if your looking for someone, give Kira a call!

Diet Coke in what I call the "Cupcake Park" in West Village

This sign was posted in my apartment courtyard... don't tell me what to mistake! I never saw a filming or a fog machine

Another observation... New York likes Halloween, almost every restaurant is decorated for Halloween however much it doesn't fit with the motif. And several houses/apts are decorated all over the place... scary.


  1. Hi,
    Maybe you just didn't notice because you were already in such a fog from your wild weekend with the "A" girls.

  2. They didn't notice either... I think it was b/c we were gone from like 9 am to 9 pm..


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