17 January 2011

Boskke Sky Planter

My sister got me a classy topsy turvy for Christmas... well that is what I've been calling it. It really is a Boskke Sky Planter, made by some guy from New Zealand. It really is cool. It can hang from the ceiling or as my sister got me a wall mount that is where I hung mine. The instructions all showed a developed plant, but as they didn't expressly say that you couldn't start from seeds I thought I would give it a try (I just don't have random extra plants sitting around). They suggested planting parsley. I flipped through my seed packets and to my surprise I saw chinese parsley, "perfect" I thought. Well it turns out that chinese parsley is cilantro's other name. I planted it anyway.

temporary planting station
the bottom has a little mesh piece and then a locking disc, so far the dirt is staying in
the top has a clay water reservoir that gradually waters the plant and only needs filled occasionally
mounted on the wall near the window
nothing growing yet


  1. Cilantro will be more useful anyway

  2. a nice decorative touch hope you get lots of cilantro MOM


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